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General forum / Re: A321neo - business class
« Last post by groundbum2 on Today at 09:56:56 AM »
the LF in C could drop if C is bigger. So 10 seats sold of 10 is 100% LF, if the neo has 15 C seats then LF is now 66%.

More details needed... ;-)

Thanks for the quick reply. That makes sense. I had guesstimated a bit higher, but mostly I was confused that I would get the exact same number of seats as the payload limitation for the base plane with an 8% increase in range (the base Starliner's range is 4420 NM). I would have expected one or the other of the numbers to have been different given the increased range. It seemed unlikely.
General forum / A321neo - business class
« Last post by stattohogg2020 on Today at 09:08:32 AM »
Just switched a route from and old 321-200 to a 321neo. Assuming moving the schedule from one plane to another wouldn't amend the pricing, why would I see a drop off in business class seats sold?
Looking at flight FF201, Tuesday.

- NFFN - KLAX, 4800 NM still-air and 4980 NM ESAD
- KLAX - NFFN, 4800 NM still-air and 5230 NM ESAD
- Aircraft DQ-ZZY nominal range 4770 NM

Looking at the payload/range chart, for 4980 NM you should get 56-59pax and 5230 NM should give 40-45pax payload. A bit of inaccurate chart but that's the ballpark.

From route planning page we see that on NFFN - KLAX you serve 57 seats and on the way back 43 seats. Same is shown there on the route info page. Seems to add up fine to the info what this individual aircraft's payload/range chart shows.
So, I think I have encountered a bug.

Game World: Age of Flight
Airline: Fly Fiji
Routes: FF 193, FF 194, FF 195, FF 196, FF 197, FF 198, FF 199, FF 200, FF 201, FF 202, FF 203, FF 204, FF 205, FF 206, FF 207, FF 208 (these are all flights between Nadi, Fiji and Los Angeles)
Impacted aircraft: DQ ZZY and DQ ZZZ (they are both modified Lockheed L-1649A Starliners)

So, I opened these routes recently. I got a warning that, at stock, these planes would be limited to 57 passengers (to LAX) and 43 passengers (to Nadi) due to payload limitations (shown in Picture 1). Now, I figured I wouldn't be able to get full payload, but my Starliners are both modified, with fewer seats, and so they are rated for an additional 350 NM (shown in Picture 2). I don't expect them to reach full capacity, especially on the way back, but I would have expected them to have more seats available than the stock plane would. This has been my experience with other modified aircraft and the payload limitation calculation. However, in this instance when I went to check on how many seats were available each way on each flight, I'm getting the same numbers as those predicted for a stock Starliner (shown in Picture 3). Now, I feel like this is a bug, but honestly I'm not entirely sure. Any help would be appreciated.
Feature requests / Use monospace fonts for airport codes
« Last post by LemonButt on Today at 02:04:25 AM »
I'm not sure why the airport codes are so small on many of these, but some in particular such as OIIE are nearly impossible to read due to the font spacing.  Using a monospace font should help with the legibility, but also make the font scaling more predictible.

Martin 4-0-4 leaves the airline in favor of Ilyushin Il-18
At the board meeting for Interflug on April 21, 1969, the management of the airline decided to retire the  Martin 4-0-4 fleet.
Thirty aircraft will leave the airline in the coming year.
The airline will replace most of the flights flown by Martin 4-0-4 with the state of the art aircraft Ilyushin Il-18 built in the Soviet Union.

-We are very pleased to be able to offer a larger and faster aircrafts for the East German citizens and our world citizens within the Comecon World Alliance.
Bug reports / Re: Weird payraise request
« Last post by Sami on Yesterday at 06:59:57 PM »
This is because they haven't gotten any raises yet at all. They ask for it twice a year if other conditions are met and the "last time they requested" is zero, so that's why the money-whiney-thingy.

But adjusted a bit and this should be better now.
Did you install the winglets recently or a time ago already.  Sorry you mentioned this. This was fixed some time ago.
Game: Speedy Recovery
Airline: Dragonfly
Aircraft in question: B737-700ER MSN#2090 (HK-3790E)
Screenshots attached: MSN#2090, showing incorrect info; MSN#1822, another 737-700ER of comparable age and cycles, showing correct info; My Aircraft, showing fuel consumption change but not range increase.

Basically what's happening is that MSN#2090 still has the range of a 700ER without winglets, and the winglet upgrade is not showing in the aircraft history, but the winglets show up in the Technical Info and therefore the upgrade is not available. I bought this plane used in this condition, I did not upgrade it myself. I'm stuck with this plane being at a 50NM lower range than my other 700ER. At the distances the 700ER flies, 50NM matters a lot for wind calculations.

For comparison, I attached a screenshot from a 700ER that I upgraded (MSN#1822). It shows the upgrade in the aircraft history as well as the correct range increase (50NM in my configuration).

I also attached a shot of the My Aircraft page for all my 700ER. MSN#2090 is HK-3790E. You can see that it shows the reduction in fuel consumption but no range increase.
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