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Title: Introducing FlyNY - Dope on the East Coast
Post by: jezbanks on August 21, 2020, 04:43:35 PM
FlyNY (Pronounced F-lie-Nigh) is the original disruptor airline. Started in 1998 by East Coast rapper D-StreetZ for no other reason than, as he says in his double platinum hit "You no u wanna (snort yo $)", when you have a jet in every state, you pretty much already have an airline.

D-StreetZ brings his own personal style to FlyNY, with a bold east coast tribal livery and bright luminous colors on the interior you always know who is flying you about. In flight entertainment features D-StreetZ back catalog, classical music is banned on board and anyone over the age of 29 or wearing a belt is subject to a 25% ticket surcharge.

Regular customers are known as NYers (Prn. Nigh-ers) and frequent flyers are rewarded with a gold CD of D-StreetZ lasted album, currently "Innit for da money".