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Announcements - Airline Generations / ROCAS Orders 10 Fokker F.27
« Last post by KantaiKessen on Today at 01:21:52 AM »

ROCAS announces it has placed orders for 10 Fokker F.27 Friendship aircraft. These aircraft will be owned and operated by the airline for the near future, replacing it's current fleet of Convair CV440 aircraft. These aircraft are slated to be the first and only turboprop airliners in the Republic of China.

As TIME Magazine reported recently of the F.27: "Compared to the old twin engine transports, the F.27 will carry almost twice the load (40 passengers), at half again the speed (better than 450km/h), twice the distance (1300km), and accomplish the job in pressurized, air conditioned comfort."
Aerolineas Brazil has today entered the jet age, having ordered 10 Boeing 707-120 aircraft.

We are delighted to forge a new relationship with Boeing and become their launch customer for the 707 aircraft and are looking forward to taking delivery of our first 707 in December 1958.
These new jet aircraft will give us a competitive edge over other airlines on our routes by cutting the time down by over half.

We look forward to seeing you onboard soon.
Summer rays have hit the Northern hemisphere as cool breezes fill the Southern Hemisphere, and another edition of Uncle Picadee's AAA hits the shelves in another bestseller edition. We see mostly similar faces in this edition for the aircraft currently in operation, with Airbus the heavy favorite so far. Of note is that the Boeing 787-8 is just barely shy of having the most Very Large aircraft type in operation (97 vs 99), Airbus freighters continue to be super popular, Antonov has leapt ahead in orders for Medium aircraft thanks to a giant order from Magic Air, and Uncle Picadee reserves a special shout out to brave Air Viesborg, who operates the only Xian MA-60 on the planet.

Happy Trails - Uncle P

note: "previous (No. aircraft) >> current (No. aircraft)"

Most small aircraft type in operation              none >> Dorner Do228NG (2)
Most Medium aircraft type in operation          Dash 8 Q400 (34) >> Dash 8 Q400 (35)
Most Large aircraft type in operation             A321-200 (240) >> A321-200 (321)
Most Very Large aircraft type in operation     A330-300 (63) >>  A330-300 (99)
Most small aircraft type on order                   Dornier Do228NG (4) >> none
Most medium aircraft type on order               Sukhoi Superjet 95LR (10) >>  Antonov An-148-100B (40)
Most Large aircraft type on order                    A321-200 (71) >> A321-200 (116)
Most Very Large aircraft type on order           Airbus A330-200F(41) >>  Airbus A330-200F (95)
Most aircraft by manufacturer in operation   Airbus (791) >> Airbus (1245)
Most aircraft by manufacturer on order        Airbus (154) >> Airbus (476)
Announcements - Beginner's World #1 / Saab 340
« Last post by frph51 on Yesterday at 08:30:12 PM »
Hey, if anyone has any Saab 340 aircraft stored I would love it if you could sell it to me. If you do please message me, I am willing to buy one for a cheap price or lease it, passenger version please. However if you only have a cargo variant I will gladly take that as well.

Thank you!
-CEO Prima Iceland
General forum / Re: Speed World
« Last post by Mort on Yesterday at 08:22:05 PM »
Announcements - Beginner's World #1 / Happy New Year
« Last post by Canadiensfan001 on Yesterday at 07:24:40 PM »
Happy New Year!🎉
Announcements - Beginner's World #1 / Happy New Year
« Last post by frph51 on Yesterday at 07:24:24 PM »
-CEO Prima Iceland
General forum / Speed World
« Last post by frph51 on Yesterday at 04:32:23 PM »
I don't know about others but I would be great If we could get a speed world. Reply I you agree, and If the world making people can make one that would be great!

Thank You,
The First HS 748 Super has made its first commercial passenger service out of the UK with Newcastle based Monsoon Airways. Its first flight took off this morning at 5:05am bound for Milano, Italy. It is expected that this plane is to introduce a whole bunch of new routes previously inaccessible by its aging HS 748s srs 2s and much too small of a demand for the companies 737-200s which it has decided to keep in its fleet for the future.

The companies CEO announced at this ceremony this morning " Monsoon Airways are proud to be the launch customer for the 748 Super with an order of 14 to begin with, and in the coming months will be placing more orders with the manufacturer to replace our older yet reliable 748 srs 2s"

Be on the look out for more of our 748 Supers soon as they will be coming to more of our bases across the UK offering more destinations to our loyal customers with better service from our new economy class COMING SOON!

CEO Tyler Hall
Monsoon Airways
Monkey air is proud to transport 135 passengers in quite a small airport!
Monkey air is also rising to good profits from -20,000 to -15,000 to -10,000 in a couple of days.
If this keeps going Monkey air will be profitable and will be saved from bad profits.

CEo, stanleyjankowski, full time monkey
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