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Title: Beginner World #14
Post by: Sami on June 17, 2011, 01:50:28 PM
The latest beginner scenario has been just opened. As announced before this Beginner World scenario is identical to previous worlds on the same name and it is available only for AirwaySim newbies. If you have played for example only the free demo/trial before the BW scenario is the next logical step forward.

This game world is an introductionary scenario with lower game cost and easy settings combined with relatively low player number.

When joining the game world please remember to read the startup guide from the online manual first. Also when picking the base airport it is advisable to base at an airport that has less than three other airlines.

For experienced players; please remember that you are not allowed to create new user accounts in order to participate in this game world.

Beginner World #14 (