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Bug reports / Re: New pin resource consume
« Last post by arefixz on Today at 08:41:35 PM »
It's still noticeable in response rate when trying to zoom, pan the map. Not sure which is the cause either pin, tooltip or the new map (which I assume is HD image). It's still response well when I'm using my base(WMKK) route map or ASIA airport info map. Response gets slower for airport with more routes such as . Same concept when more pin is on the map (whole world), map response to zoom/pan gets slower compared to (asia) airport info map.

I'm still guessing cause is graphical. No one else notice this lag? or the lag is just negligible? Never mind then, I'll just change my playstyle to cope with this changes. You may close this as solved.
Feature requests / Re: BAC 1-11 Crew Requirements
« Last post by TheGrew on Today at 08:39:16 PM »
Current rules in the real world are "one per 50 passengers", with a lower limit of however many are needed for mandatory safety duties (manning exits etc). If the plane holds 119 passengers it should need three cabin crew.
Agreed so the 500 series should be three cabin crew in case it is in a high density configuration. However all the other series top out at 89 seats even in high density so should only require two based on the 50:1 ratio. I don't think it makes sense to penalize the 200, 300, 400 and 475 just because the 500 is bigger. It is the case with the A320s and 737s that the larger variants require more cabin crew.
No roaring twenties: GermanLines composes her future
GermanLines announces her strategic medium term plan: a vision for 2022 

Frankfurt 30. september 2019

Meine Damen und Herren, hertzlich Willkommen!

The 1920's were known as the roaring twenties, just before the start of the last quarter of 2019 we finnished a company wide reflection on our past, current operations and our future. All of our 12 651 staffmembers were invited to take part so we would have a broad vision, have an enormous treasure of imput and could formulate dessisions and action points whom are supported by our staff, unions, shareholders and stakeholders (ICT partner, catering company, facility partner, ...).We were talking about composing. Our main action points are named after some renown German Composers. The aim of this exercise? No roaring twenties but a fit airline, ready for the twenties and for you.

Bach. No way back, we go forward!
Our first actionpoint, named after Bach includes a broad fleet investment. By the end of 2022 we will heavily invest in a fleet renewal but also continiously invest in enlarging our fleet. The main key performance indicators are acquiring 11 A330-900neo to replace the older A330-300 and A340-500 whom helped us in getting you worldwide. 37 Boeing MAX will be bought and leased to replace several retiring Boeing 737NG and further expanding operations in Frankfurt and Berlin. Another 4 Embraer 195-E2 will join our fleet for further expansion. Take note that these aren't the allready ordered Embraers whom will replace our B737-700's. The fleet renewal bring a significiant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emmissions. More seats will be available and maintenance costs will be remarkably lower. We are aware that flying isn't eco friendly, but we do our best to reduce our impact. Wir machen das für Elise und die Welt.

Beethoven. Around the world and back.
Our second actionpoint aims for a new impulse in our network developement. We started operations in Frankfurt on the 22th of may 2015, in decembre 2016 we opened our first long haul routes and on june 2nd 2019 we opened our second base, Berlin Brandenburg. Over the past 4 years we developed a network serving almost 180 airports world wide. On the 31st decmebre 2022 we aim to serve at least 225 destinations from three bases and moving 600 000 passengers per week with an increase in our supply of first class seats and a further extension of our short and medium haul business class. This by adding new aircrafts to our fleet.

Brahms. Customers experience at her best.
We will invest in new cabin design, and become an allround accessible airline. With a new and well-arranged website, a premium reservation software, contactcentre by phone, e-mail, social media and so on. A passenger Care centre in our hubs for special assistance, booking and last minute problem solving. With our catering partner we will develop new catering formulas, based on customers reviews. Because it is all about you.

Mendelssohn. Excellence Intern processes.
These actionpoints are more on intern precesses. Waste and engergy management. Human Recourses, have a good pay and affordable flight, a good work-life balance, how to simplify several procedures without cutting the edges.

 Ladies and gentlemen, if there are no further questions, we would like to invite you for our reception.

GermanLines, when passion meets you

I do not own any of these images, rights go to the respective owners and so on
Bug reports / Re: New pin resource consume
« Last post by Sami on Today at 05:44:41 PM »
The pin is exactly the same as before, just different image file. (the tooltip popup has more details but not really noticeable.)

(Using "all airports" / "whole world" is anyway not a good way to do destination hunting really...)
Bug reports / New pin resource consume
« Last post by arefixz on Today at 03:59:21 PM »
From link

When I click view airport map, the pin makes the map more lag than before since it consumes more graphical resource for the new pin. Exploring new destinations is more harder than before. This is more worst when I chose "Whole world" in world area.
Feature requests / Re: BAC 1-11 Crew Requirements
« Last post by Brovine on Today at 02:53:16 PM »
Current rules in the real world are "one per 50 passengers", with a lower limit of however many are needed for mandatory safety duties (manning exits etc). If the plane holds 119 passengers it should need three cabin crew.
Bug reports / Re: scheduling screen - cannot filter
« Last post by Sami on Today at 12:50:21 PM »
Please explain step by step what you did.
Bug reports / scheduling screen - cannot filter
« Last post by groundbum2 on Today at 12:30:27 PM »
Chrome on Win10 laptop. Done this a million times, but just now tried to filter on the scheduling via PANAMA country and ALL my flights worldwide show up! Tried a few times, reset filter, closed/opened tab, no joy. Works for JFK, just not Panama etc.

Hmm I don't have any flights to Panama currently, but found a loose Monday only flight there unassigned to a plane..

Feature requests / BAC 1-11 Crew Requirements
« Last post by TheGrew on Today at 08:17:42 AM »
Hi Sami, I am currently playing GW1 and spotted that the BAC1-11 currently has a requirement for 3 cabin crew which is 1 more than the equivalent DC9. The BAE website states 2 source
It is unclear if the larger 500 series requires 3 though.
Off-topic forum / Re: First aircraft you've ever flown on
« Last post by o.wens on Today at 03:37:56 AM »
737-200 or ng or a320
yeg to ? ? ?
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