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General forum / Re: Android Apple Application
« Last post by ushakov09 on Today at 09:26:42 PM »
Actually, +1 from me. Sometimes it really sucks checking stats and other stuff from my phone (even if I have a big-ass Note8), but all you can do there is really check the airline/route status. It is extremely uncomfortable creating new routes, leasing/buying aircrafts, etc.

For instance, on my PC while doing all that I have a dozens of tabs open (only Airwaysim) in order to compare some parameters. Phone browser makes it really annoying sometimes. I work mostly 12-13 hour shifts, so after I get back home I do not have a lot of time and energy to turn on my PC and manage my airline :)
Off-topic forum / Re: First aircraft you've ever flown on
« Last post by knobbygb on Today at 04:08:43 PM »
My first flight was from Manchester to Corfu on a Britannia Airways 767-200. I was 7 years old at the time, so didn't find the 8-abreast all economy cabin uncomfortable.

My first was MAN-CFU on a Britannia 732-200 and my SECOND was CFU-MAN on the 8-abreast 767-200. This was in November 1987. When were your flights?  Being 17 I was already big enough to be unimpressed by how cramped the 767 was and it didn't help that it was a 1am departure, delayed to about 3am after being kicked out of our hotel at 10am the previous day.

What is it with all these people who don't know the exact details of their fist flight? Being a baby is no excuse  ;)  When my daughter was grown up and started travelling alone, I presented her with a list of all the flights she'd been on (first was a Leisure Air UK 737-400 MAN-ZTH in September 1995 when she was three months old) but she seemed quite unimpressed!  :(
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: all out
« Last post by Sami on Today at 03:38:33 PM »
Piston4ever  ;D

( = I believe I have data of turboprop CV but no plans to add that for now.. So many other features on to-do, and have data/manuals for about 50-100 other planes now too, since I spent a few weeks in the local archives doing some digging... Have to prioritize those with biggest changes / most importance a bit.)
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: all out
« Last post by MikeS on Today at 03:06:58 PM »
But I need them CV580s!
According to the available aircraft page, they're not included in the game:

so, polish those radials as much as you can ...  :)
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: all out
« Last post by [SC] - King Kong on Today at 03:05:56 PM »
the only limit is noise regulations, in fact. Without them, Viscounts would be still profitable(at least in low-wage countries) in 2030.

Time they start flying in France again then ;-)
Feature requests / Re: Allow A-B-C-B-A routing
« Last post by ArcherII on Today at 02:22:01 PM »
That, and also to help maximizing fleet utilization.

A (HQ) - B - C (Base) - B - A (HQ).

Sometimes there's a new route popping up in a new airport, and you have to commit a sole aircraft for that only route, when you could put it in some legs out of another base and do that route as well.
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: all out
« Last post by ArcherII on Today at 02:18:22 PM »
Ah, makes sense. F27, NAMC and Viscounts survive long enough. Not really an issue in this class.

But I need them CV580s!
Feature requests / Allow A-B-C-B-A routing
« Last post by NovemberCharlie on Today at 11:13:39 AM »
Hi all,

Understandably A-B-C-B-A routing has been banned a while back. It would allow a out of base "hub" without all of the associated penalties and ruin the game for players in medium bases.

However it makes no sense if A and C are base airports. For example, I fly from BOG and CLO (amongst others) in GW4 and would like to serve MAD from both airports. Unfortunately CLO has insufficient demand for such a route.

In the spirit of the game, my airline would certainly be allowed to fly this sector. However economics make this difficult to justify.

I think this would open a lot of options for players with smaller bases. Base set up costs are still a thing and this would be mostly interesting for airlines flying from somewhat limited countries... (E.g. Colombia)


Announcements - Beginner's World #1 / 737 Fleet Launch
« Last post by dragonwings on Today at 07:52:06 AM »
OSLO NORWAY: Dragonwings CEO of Isjfell Norways most polular and fastest growing airline announced today the suiccesful ionfroduction of a fleet of Boeing 737-400 aircraft on the airlines most popular routes. These aircraft have been launched onto a number of  polpular domestic and international routes allowing the freeing up of the airlines existing Bombardier CRJ fleet for use on new routes.

The newly introduced aircraft offer increased comfort and poassenger facilities and allow an increased offering of bussiness class across the companies network. The Isjfell CEO stated "The CRJ and E145 fleets have laid the groundwork for a successful and popular airline and we hope that our passngers will love our expanded and improved fleet."

The airline has also stated that its timetables will continue to be adjusted over the coming weeks as more 737s come into sevice and the airlines other aircraft are redeployeed to other routes.
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: Help. Mentor
« Last post by gazzz0x2z on Today at 06:35:17 AM »
I agree with Andre. What you need is the less costly plane able to reach Germany, your main market outside Turkey. Antalya-Hamburg is 1324NM. Below 100 seats, you can fly DC6, DC7, Argosy, IL18B, constellation or Caravelle. Viscount are slightly shorter legged, but are even smaller and would allow you to reach 90% of the German market without penalty.

And choose one, not four. The more fleet groups you have, the more maintenance costs.

TU-114 is a niche bird, that can be useful in small numbers in big airports, but it is rather suicide for a beginner who can't feel its exact limits. Better focus on medium haul & domestic markets. Viscounts would kick ass. More modern versions of NAMC could would also do the job, you you can still fly to 80% of Germany with it by sacriying just a handful of seats.

Anyways, that's for a restart. Seems to me the death spiral has already began for your company. What is death spiral? Negative cash==>No maintenance==>Lower company image==>Less passengers ==> Even less cash. For a restart, Convair 440 would do the job as well, they are in bigger numbers on the UM than Viscounts - even if ther range is smaller, you can still reach a good chunk of your market.
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