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I really like this idea. I have only played this game a bit and have quickly realized how difficult it I to score high without starting in a major airport. It would be great to see more niche places actually grow.
Rising from the ashes of the FlyFinn financial collapse, FlyFinn Regional has been founded to provide affordable means of transport to the people of Finland on modern aircraft with the frequency and service levels they deserve. The airline intends to be a responsible corporate citizen, placing an emphasis on equipment choices that protect the fragile environment of Finland that consume less fuel, reducing emissions.

The future is bright... unless the thousands of people inconvenienced by the FlyFinn collapse chase us with pitchforks.
Announcements - Game World #3 / Re: Response to fly faroes
« Last post by FullyNZ on Today at 01:42:42 AM »
I just quickly want to correct you up on a few things,

1. Fly Faroes has been operating to Barra for many years. Flights operate to Inverness and Cardiff.
2. I can well afford to operate my planes (I have a healthy profit margin) Just because I lease out my planes does not mean I cannot afford to operate them - you dont get it for free, I make money off you! I brought the E2s because I happen to like them.
3. Your claim that you operate to airports that other airlines ignore is false. Every single airport you operate to at present, has other operators, may have different routes to yours - but they are essentially still connected.
4. Pictures supplied are not of my planes. Never have I operated a Saab 340 or a DHC6

Hope you have a wonderful day! AWS is certainly a cool challenging game, and I have really enjoyed building up Fly Faroes. Its proved to be great fun, and profitable. Hope you are enjoying building up and running flyessential. :)


CEO - Fly Faroes :)
Announcements - Game World #3 / Response to fly faroes
« Last post by Resocha on Today at 12:58:35 AM »
Just to let you know, flyEssential is a company that operates a fleet of aircraft that are mostly owned and are maintained to a high standard.

Our Barra service is operated as a lifeline service for the local community, as with most of our flights we operate to benefit remote communities that other airlines ignore.

I am completely fine with you not wanting to lease aircraft to me, there are plenty of other aircraft available. Though, I suggest you stop buying planes you cannot afford to operate.

Attached are some pics of your plane :)
Game talk - Game World #2 / Re: Help. Mentor
« Last post by Andre090904 on Today at 12:39:22 AM »
Your problem is a combination of tough competition and a bad fleet choice. You have ordered Boeing 727 and TU-114 which are suicide planes in a market like yours. Ideally you would want to have the most fuel-efficient planes for highly competitive routes (which is not the case with your airline). I have checked just a few routes and they were all heavily oversupplied by other players. Your 727 and TU-114 have low load factors and simply lose money. Your DC6 are a better choice for now. Next time, concentrate on propeller aircraft which are easier to handle/make profits with (and no, that does not include the TU-114).

I think a combination of DC6 or DC7 with F27, Viscounts or NAMC would be ideal.
Game talk - Game World #2 / Help. Mentor
« Last post by tls on Today at 12:28:32 AM »
badly need a mentor.
Game talk - Game World #3 / Re: A320/ 737 Cargo
« Last post by tungstennedge on Yesterday at 08:43:10 PM »
Ye, Thanks for the response, I noticed that in my company I would not likely be able even to purshace many neo's before the world ends despite them being amazing aircraft.

Also, I noticed Europe's big hubs for cargo, London and Frankfurt both are uncharacteristically abandoned, and the 757 should fort for the smallest cargo plane I need, I really wouldn't be able to mass enough AC with their prices.

Also somehow I don't really know why I'm doing way better than my first world. I'm only at 100 AC yet have reached 50% the net profit I was at last time with over 1000. Efficiency makes a huge difference.
Announcements - Game World #3 / Fly Faroes press release
« Last post by FullyNZ on Yesterday at 08:20:43 PM »
Fly Faroes would like to take a chance to respond to the comments made by flyessentials.

We as a airline have arranged for the lease to be terminated on our EJet, leased to flyessentials, effective in one months time. This was done by choosing the option that the customer cannot extend lease (luckily the lease was up shortly) I would encourage any other airline who leases aircraft to this player to do the same. In future, any aircraft I lease out, I will be changing the visibility so flyessentials will be unable to view. Again, I encourage others to do the same. We cannot tolerate such disregard for what is other peoples property.

Will say though, I think the EJet service to Barra will be a loss maker..... And not maintaining your aircraft does affect your load factor and airline score.

Just to note, there has been no prior conflict or confrontation between Fly Faroes and flyessentials. Not sure where this has come from.

Fly Faroes operates nearly 6000 flights a week, with a modern, well maintained airliners. We have a high load factor. We own all our aircraft, and have now been able to purchase aircraft, to lease out to other players. We operate on thin, provincial routes, and also select international flights from our Cardiff base. Our home base on the Faroe Islands sees operations to Denmark and Iceland.

I am proud of my airline, And look forward to the last few weeks of this game world.

I wish flyessentials all the very best, but I will no longer be leasing aircraft to you, and I do encourage others to do the same.


CEO - Fly Faroes
Bug reports / Re: RI Zeroed out at TXL
« Last post by mattiasd on Yesterday at 08:11:44 PM »
Perhaps this is also a clue/related. Got a fuel contract ending note, that is probably about TXL

"Important information - Contract has ended
Your contract with for fuelling services at () airport has expired today.
You may re-negotiate the contract by visiting the Fuel Management page."

Note the empty parentheses...
flyEssential has started daily services to Barra using its sole E175-E2 which is leased from fly faroes.

Barra was chosen due to its sandy runway, and corrosion inducing salt water.

This aircraft is also operating 12 other flights a day without requiring any maintenance.

The Embraer E175-E2 - A maintenance free aircraft (when leased from fly faroes :) )
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