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Title: AirwaySim introduces new Free Trial concept
Post by: Sami on January 27, 2010, 11:28:55 PM
AirwaySim is pleased to present a new and enhanced Free Trial concept of our airlinesim. As you know playing in the fully featured AirwaySim game worlds requires purchase of (affordable) Credits from our site but we do also offer a completely free demo of the simulation before users have to commit in making a purchase. The free demo system has been just updated with an updated system.

Previously AirwaySim has had separate Demo game worlds running for maximum of 7-8 days and players have been able to join these free game worlds at any given time. The previous system was a bit laborious to the administration as a game world had to be restarted manually every week and it was also uneven for some users at some times - as if you joined the demo world with only 2-3 play days left you may have not gotten a complete view of all AirwaySim's features and awesomeness ;)

The new Free Trial and Demo system allows each and every new user to play the free Demo game world for 7 days without any charge. After the 7-day free trial is completed the user's airline is automatically removed from the Demo game world and he should then move on to the fully featured game worlds (an email is also sent to remind of this).

With the new system we can guarantee a week long free play for all members. The Demo game world is otherwise a regular game world running from 1992 to 2008 but with limited only to North America and shorthaul aircraft - and the fact that each member can spend only 7 days playing in that world. The 7-day trial is counted from the time the player joins the game world and it stops when he leaves the world (by closing the airline), or when the 7 days is full. If a member chooses to leave a game world before the 7-day trial is complete he will still have a chance to join the trial world later on and use the rest of his remaining free trial time in the free game worlds.

The Free Trial can be found here: