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Announcements - Game World #4 / Global Star Alliance Expansion
« Last post by dlk325 on Today at 03:04:50 AM »
The members of Global Star alliance are pleased to welcome Edmonton, Canada based Nordique Air to our alliance.
Feature requests / Re: Alliance pricing on UM
« Last post by dmoose42 on Today at 01:45:09 AM »
A game month is only 15 hours at 30 minutes a day - so I would support a minimum of three month window where it's publicly listed at that price. 45 hours is ample time for anyone to have a chance at buying it.
Feature requests / Re: Alliance pricing on UM
« Last post by schro on Yesterday at 09:26:31 PM »
I'm in support of this - the plane would need to be publicly listed for at least a certain amount of time at the out-of-bounds price (say, a game month or three). I could see people trying to get around this by listing privately or making a listing private/changing prices.

Ninja edit: Plane would also need to be available for purchase at the lower price for that period of time - no switching from lease only to sell quickly.
Announcements - Game World #2 / Start Your Commuter Business Today
« Last post by NathanKopsack on Yesterday at 09:19:29 PM »
Tough competition in those business commercial routes? Diversify and start your commuter business today with these BAE Jetstream Super 32s and 41s. All BAE Jetstream commuter planes are at book pricing!  29 passenger and 19 passenger planes are ready right now.  Super efficient.  Super fast and very new.  Bulk discount if you want to buy more than 5.  Come see us! Do NOT buy new!

cJet Sales and Leasing

Feature requests / Alliance pricing on UM
« Last post by George Bush on Yesterday at 08:11:31 PM »
I get why we have a you cant buy this AC at this price from alliance members. Couldn't we remove the restriction if the plane has been on the used market X number of days?I often feel like I'm being gouged when my opponents can buy from my mates at super low prices and I cannot..
Announcements - Game World #4 / And the First wide body goes too....?
« Last post by Tulip Air CEO on Yesterday at 05:35:03 PM »
Good evening all,
Our arrows where aimed at the dc-8 series in order for an standard plane type for both Pax and Cargo flight untill boeing offered us a special deal for our Dc-6 and B707 replacements.

We are not drastic in converting our plans towards new types as we have a large fleet with special needs,tough the cheap operating cost and the longer life span made the new jumbo jet an interesting plane.
Combine the fact of a lack of slots in Frankfurt and we where sold.

The new planned design for the DC-8'63 have an runway requirement of over 3500m,which is not suitable for alot of destinations in our network,where the under 2900M B747 is a catch in the sea in matter of more cities comming in range for a direct flight and even cheaper tickets.

When the pens where ready to sign the documents Douglas and Lockheed requested some time to do an offer for a larger then present generation planes and so another delay came as we needed to to do an more carefull trade with Boeing to give others a chance aswell and the discount of 36% was off the table and so was our intrest,then we agreed on a carefull 10 plane order with 18,3%discount when we both putted water by the wine.

Boeing noted: As an big carrier have intrest in your product you have to be flexible as they might be able to order more types from your drawingtable.
So the DC-9,Bac 1-11 and B727 can expect an new rival and we in Frankfurt will keep an eye on the developments of the new jet generation.

The Dc-6 series gives us an competative position on the market so we are not even sure if we want fuel consuming planes for short range,but instead like to explorer the new Long haul development and give 3 different size of planes in offer to the ever growing market while waiting for new slots year over year but now can grow still.

So a new direction can be expected and nothing sure yet.
To be continued....

Tulip Flugdienst

Announcements - Game World #1 / Cityhopper Airways launches
« Last post by TrainNutter_OFL on Yesterday at 02:40:23 PM »
Yesterday, a new airline had been founded at Newcastle Airport (NCL/EGNT) called CityHopper Airways, the airline is due to start operations on the 29th of April 1996 using 2 Fokker 70 aircraft registered G-FKSA and G-FKSB. and on the 30th, the airline will receive its 3rd aircraft, G-FKSC.

The destinations are as follows from the 29th of April:
Leeds-Bradford (LBA/EGNM)     - 1x Daily (G-FKSA)
Cardiff (CWL/EGFF)                  - 1x Daily (G-FKSA)
London-Southend (SEN/EGMC)  - 1x Daily (G-FKSA)
Blackpool (BLK/EGNH)              - 1x Daily (G-FKSA)
Bournemouth (BOU/EGHH)       - 1x Daily (G-FKSA)
Glasgow-Prestwick (PIK/EGPK)  - 2x Daily (G-FKSB)
Guernsey (GCI/EGJB)              - 1x Daily (G-FKSB)
Köln-Bonn (GCN/EDDK)           - 1x Daily (G-FKSB)

The destinations added are as follows from the 30th of April (G-FKSC Delivery date):

Sumburgh (LSI/EGPB)             - 1x Daily (G-FKSC)
Stornoway (SYY/EGPO)            - 1x Daily (G-FKSC)
Hannover (HAJ/EDDV)             - 1x Daily (G-FKSC)
Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN/EDFH)    - 1x Daily (G-FKSC)

Cityhopper Airways Info:

Head Quarters: Newcastle City Centre
Home Base: Newcastle Airport (NCL/EGNT)
Callsign: Spacehopper
Company Slogan: "It's just a hop, skip and a jump!"
Aircraft in fleet: Fokker F70

Aircraft planned to be in the future fleet:
Boeing 767-300
Boeing 767-400
Embraer E-Series Family (Fokker 70 replacement)
Airbus A320 family
DeHavilland Canada DHC-8-200B (Q200)
DeHavilland Canada DHC-8-300E (Q300)
Bombardier DHC-8 Q400 (Fokker 70 replacement)

Bug reports / Re: Crew training costs :o
« Last post by Tha_Ape on Yesterday at 11:36:30 AM »
whattya have, chimps flying the 737 or are they drones controlled from the ground by AI robots?

;-) S

2nd option ;D
The chimps were used for the 737-200Adv. Now they're relaxing, drinking daiquiris in Sheremetyevo's Privilege lounge :P
Feature requests / Open new route - option to toggle a map rather than a list
« Last post by Tha_Ape on Yesterday at 11:16:06 AM »

as CBD becomes important, and will be even more in the future with the implementation for pax transportation as well, the possibility to display the pop-up for demand from a map would be very, very useful.
We need to space our flights wisely in order not to oversupply (not enough space between destinations) nor to undersupply (too much space), and the unzoomable mini-map from the airport info pop-up doesn't allow enough precision to know if we're too close or too far away, and furthermore doesn't show neighbouring airports. Selecting from a map would be much more practical.
(as for today, I have the list of airports in one tab, then various pop-ups, then a 3rd party website to check the distance between airport... a real hassle)

Alongside that feature, a graphic scale on the map (that would dynamically evolve as we zoom in and out) would be a great addition. In Km or NM.

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