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Title: could use som help -)
Post by: sittingbull on May 04, 2010, 06:41:28 PM
Bought Airbus  -) A300 220  and 2 fokker 50 -)

The all Generathing i nice amount off Money .

But today i found Out that Fokker dont produce any airplanes anymore and i dont realy got money to buy second airbuss new one. And there not realy used on on market.

So what type  f aircraft is kinda using th same engines.

Our should just wait till i have enoff to order new one ?   
Title: Re: could use som help -)
Post by: L1011fan on May 04, 2010, 07:10:42 PM
Everyone is experiencing the same problem. I have had to check for days to get one suitable aircraft. Its because the game is so full. If you have a route you need to jump on right now, go ahead and get one aircraft from another manufacturer with the same capacity or close. Having a common fleet is important, but the way things are in this game, fleet commonality is not a high priority for me like it use to be.  And it really isn't going to hurt you to have a couple of other types in your fleet. Fleet commonality is in the top 3 things I try to do, but expansion is number one at this point. I have had mixed fleets before and nothing terrible happened. I might have saved some money, but it worked out ok. I just fool around with the fares and raise them as often as I can (maybe 1-2% per day depending how conditions are) without losing my load factors and still make money. I'm pretty sneaky about it when comes to fares. Otherwise, its all a waiting game if you are sticking to fleet commonality. And its a long wait as other players will agree.
Title: Re: could use som help -)
Post by: GDK on May 05, 2010, 06:41:28 AM
Yes. Agree with Tristarfan. If you wait for your desired planes, it will take you months in game day and all your competitors will be far ahead of you. Go get some alternative. Russian planes are cheap to get, but a little waste in term of maintenance cost and fuel consumption. But the fuel price now is not too high, you can get a Tu-204 with the price of B737 but the capacity of B757 for short haul route . However, check carefully before you lease it. It will be best if the C-Check is 11 months to go. Lease it for 1 year but at the 11th month, terminate the lease and get another one...
Title: Re: could use som help -)
Post by: sittingbull on May 05, 2010, 12:49:30 PM
Ty for  info guys  )

but i guess  i made  mistake  buying  som 727  200 adv )  my  mainatence  wend up from  200 000  k i  week  to like 500 000  k i week .So  i decide to go bankrupt and started  over.
even if i was making Profit from 1.4  mil  i week  i still was  lossing  like 200K  to 300K   i week  and tickets was already  Down 10  percent in pries.
So i guees 2 differen type  is  ok  but 3 different one  might  be not i good idea.

But am new to this game and i guess we all  made mistakes  to learn  from ) .
Title: Re: could use som help -)
Post by: Maarten Otto on May 05, 2010, 12:58:36 PM
Nothing wrong with 3 types... but you need to have atleast 6 on the other 2 types in order to secure funds available for your third type.

I am planning my Fourth type to get rid of the first one  ;)