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HB Investments INC. has signed an agreement with market leading turboprop manufacturer ATR for the lease of of 4 new ATR 42-600 aircraft for Express Air's City Hopper Service. HB Investment’s ATR provides the airline's City Hopper service with essential connectivity, flying to several locations in Texas and neighboring states with low volume traffic. In addition to benefiting from ATR’s unbeatable economics, the aircraft’s proven ability to operate effectively to airports with shorter runways is vital for Express Air. The new aircraft will replace 2 of the airline’s existing Cessna 208 routes which has been in operation since 2018. This purchase represents the latest step in a new relationship between the airline and ATR, which began with them keeping the production line open for longer for a model that is struggling to find new orders.

The ATR 42-600 series is certified to take-off and land in cross wind conditions of 45 knots, a unique capability which is essential to operating in the challenging conditions of mountains in New Mexico.

HB Investment's Chief Executive Officer Hunmble said “It makes perfect sense for us to begin our partnership with ATR by acquiring the latest generation -600 series aircraft. Every operator is looking for the most efficient aircraft on the market to maximise their operations, however, with a small fleet it is vital that we invest in an aircraft that really delivers on every single criteria that we require. The ATR does this, and will provide the people of Texas and the neighboring states with the continuing connectivity they need.”

Christian Scherer, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, commented: “HB Investments realized the operational advantages of turboprops many years ago, and it is very rewarding that they have decided to put their trust in the ATR product. This demonstrates again the versatility of our aircraft, often serving destinations with challenging weather conditions, all over the world, whilst allowing airlines to take advantages of its unbeatable economics and comfort.”
Game talk - History and the Future (GW #2) / Re: Petrol price
« Last post by MikeS on Today at 12:10:11 AM »
Hi Juan,

I had a quick look at your airline. It is probably too late as you've maxed your loans and have no more cash to do changes.
I think you should have been able to make it: You have very little or no opposition on many routes. I would have axed all those B727 flights
with fuel stops and put them on your under served cash cow routes (EXE-LIM, EZE-GYE...etc you can increase prices well above recommended on these as you are the only airline and demand isn't fully met).

Anyways...good luck!
Game talk - History and the Future (GW #2) / Re: Petrol price
« Last post by Juan havana on Yesterday at 08:57:12 PM »
4 months. In the big red  now.... Bank wants to close Airline....
Situation Goes worst each Time....
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — Steve Jobs

To our friends and customers:

Today I am pleased to announce that we are joining forces with HB Investments INC. and have entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired. The last 4 months have been an incredible journey for Express Air, full of ups and downs. But none of this would be possible without our amazing team and our customers. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We started 4 months ago with the idea that by combining low cost and amazing customer service, we could change how you think about air travel.
I want to assure you that our 2 checked bag policy will remain free and that we are not going anywhere. Both Express Air and HB Investments INC. share a vision to change the world by allowing you to save money while still arriving at your destination refreshed. We have long admired HB Investments’s unparalleled desire to craft value-add, customer-focused solutions while also building a great team and culture.

Going forward, I want to assure you that Express Air will still be the same old Express Air that you have grown to love. Our mission remains unchanged. We will simply have more resources to continue expanding operations and adding destinations that delight our customers.

We are excited to share more about what we’ll be working on together in the coming years. The possibilities are limitless and we are only just getting started!!!

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please join us and the HB Investments INC. Family for a party.

Onwards and upwards,

HB Investments INC.
Game talk - History and the Future (GW #2) / Re: 2 planes wanted!
« Last post by Andre090904 on Yesterday at 05:21:48 PM »
Just found out the best planes I got for you have their D-Checks in 3 years. Would that work?
Game talk - History and the Future (GW #2) / Re: 2 planes wanted!
« Last post by tylerhall203 on Yesterday at 04:49:41 PM »
Would NAMC-100 work, too?
Yes they would work too:)
Please PM me or Onecharliefox.   Thanks!
Please PM me or Onecharliefox.  Thanks for your interest.  If we fill the position feel free to apply for membership once it's up and running.  We will likely not be recruiting as in past game worlds but will be waiting patiently for any and all of your applications.  Happy gaming  8)
Feature requests / Re: Replicate Schedule +1 Day
« Last post by Onecharliefox on Yesterday at 03:08:21 PM »
Came here to request this feature as well. Would literally save me hours and allow me to focus on other aspects of my airline.
General forum / Re: What cookies does AWS need?
« Last post by vortex787 on Yesterday at 02:34:45 PM »
Strange. Can you see if the static domain actually sets any cookies for you? It should not - allshould come from www.

Just had some time to investigate this a little bit further. The static domain does not place any cookies when I am logged in to AWS.
I then removed the static domain from the whitelist, restarted Firefox and logged back in to the game with the www-domain still being on the whitelist. It turns out that the first login attempt always fails, resulting in the message that cookies have to be allowed. However, the second attempt to log in is successful without changing the browser settings. Therefore, the static domain is not needed on the whitelist in order to log in to AWS.
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