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Title: [ok] Add logic to UM brokers for older Frieghter capable fleet groups
Post by: Talentz on September 08, 2017, 04:29:03 PM
Sami! I've notice that the UM keeps very old (by our standards) aircraft out of the UM and just basically stores them forever. Which is natural and makes sense from a pax point of view. Now that we have freighter conversions for certain fleet groups, I think the logic needs to be modified. Going off your response below:

Quote from: Sami on August 24, 2017, 04:08:18 AM
I've updated the 'number of times listed on used a/c market' counter for all planes there. Since the logic is that the plane must be listed X times on used market by AI brokers before it goes to scrap (unless very old or very poor condition).

Im guessing there's logic coded that prevents UM brokers to sell really old (25 yr+) aircraft. This should be changed (increase the age limit at which the aircraft can be sold) up to 32yrs. However, this should only be changed for Freighter capable fleet groups. As a Pax only fleet group has no need for this.