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Title: [ok] maintenance costs shown
Post by: groundbum2 on December 24, 2019, 10:23:12 AM
on the "aircraft" screen there is a box "upcoming C/D checks"

I'd love it if the cost of the C/D check for that plane was shown in brackets next to each aircraft listed so I can easily see where the expensive checks are coming up, eg 20yo DC10s etc. Eg, (#088)   Boeing 727-100   C check expires in 1 day (22-Jan-1980) (212K).

As a bonus if the plane could be highlighted to show those with short leases that would be great. So like the "fare sale" tag, perhaps a red "lease" tag could be attached to planes with less than X months left on their lease, so I can terminate the lease before paying for an expensive C/D check that I'll only get a few months use of. X should be user controlled via settings, I'd probably have it set to 6 months..