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Game talk - The Age of Flight / 0% interest - bug or new thing?
« Last post by spiff23 on Today at 04:32:12 AM »
I've been noticing quite a few periods where cash balance interest is 0% in 1974/1975.  I don't think I have ever seen this in AWS...except maybe in the 2010s and even then there's some token amount.  Is this a new thing?  Seems very odd for 1970s which is a super high inflation/interest hence if anyone knows if this is a new game change or something is wrong and worth a bug report?
General forum / Re: Route Image for Cargo
« Last post by CraigAbz on Yesterday at 11:09:03 PM »
thanks Gazz.  Still well in the red on my freight routes just now, but there is hope then! 
General forum / Re: Route Image for Cargo
« Last post by gazzz0x2z on Yesterday at 08:31:29 PM »
Here is a view of my TU-204-100C route between Haneda & Tel Aviv, in the Asian Challenge, at the exact timing it did reach 100 RI. As you can see, route image is extremely profitable...once it's at the maximum.
General forum / Route Image for Cargo
« Last post by CraigAbz on Yesterday at 07:03:08 PM »

I'm just dabbling in cargo-only routes for the first time.  Tungstennedge's tutorial was very helpful. 

As expected, it takes a while to increase load factor.  Does route image make a difference to encouraging more cargo?  Not sure if it's worth spending a whack on marketing when I have freight-only planes on a particular route. 

Game talk - Beginner's Worlds / Re: Improper Ramp Check
« Last post by sanabas on Yesterday at 04:45:15 PM »
It only checks at the end of the day when it assigns pax, so if I'm coming up to a day change I'll just pause in assigning schedules for a minute to ensure both maintenance and staff have been added. Plus if assigning a lot of schedules, I'll schedule and immediately add maintenance to the first plane, including a manual B-check if needed. Then just move that schedule to another plane, which also triggers an automatic B-check. Then just keep adding schedules to the first plane only, moving them each time. Saves needing to look through the list of planes for the unscheduled ones.
Game talk - Beginner's Worlds / Re: Improper Ramp Check
« Last post by Wreck on Yesterday at 04:29:47 PM »
Yes, me too now. Tedious & unnecessary for the sake of a little fix.
Game talk - Beginner's Worlds / Re: Real airline names in the game
« Last post by mp81 on Yesterday at 04:28:25 PM »
snitches get stitches
Always looking at the future of commercial air traffic Basset Air are to form a think tank to look into the rumour thats going around the industry that aircraft of the future will have cockpits staffed by just one man and a dog!   It seems the man would be there to feed the dog and the dog would be there to stop the man touching anything. First reports seem to show it would be quite a saving on both accidents and costs, The price of dog food is not a concern ,Basset air CEO Coppinpr said today "dog food would not be a problem...we have been serving that to the passengers for years" 

Game talk - Asia Challenge / Re: First impressions
« Last post by Mikri on Yesterday at 09:47:26 AM »
Gazz your thougths on Seven misses the fact that He has been without competition in narita. But What puzzels me is that he Can oversupply with 50-100 pct without being hit on LF
Intelligent Nordic Airlines is proud to announce that they fleet in there 100th F28. The Airline with bases in Stockholm and Copenhagen is an important customer of Fokker with currently the 3rd large Fleet of F28 in World. Rumors say that the airline will be soon number one in Scandinavia in terms of market share.

Intelligent Nordic Airlines was founded 1995 and is 5 years later the most important regional carrier in Sweden an Denmark. Almost all destinations are served several times a day with modern jets.
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