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Title: Missing Used Aircraft
Post by: highlander1715 on September 30, 2010, 04:01:56 AM
I did a quick topic and general search and couldn't find a specific thread on this although I seem to remember some discussion is a previous game.  I was just wondering where the 14 new Antonov 140s had gone. 

Model                  In service    For sale & In storage    Scrapped    New orders    Average age
Antonov An-140    47                          14                  0                   7             0.6y

Gocko went down in Cairo with 12 in service and another airline went down with a couple so there at 14 Antonov 140s in lightly used condition "on sale or in storage"  only problem - they are not on sale, they haven't been on sale and they are all less than 6 months old on average so they haven't been in D check for weeks with their new lessors - did they go back to the factory to get passed off as new to unsuspecting buyers?  I hope not as I and other airlines have some on order.

So we have 14 planes less than 12 months old at the most sitting in a warehouse gathering dust?  Get them on the used market already my brokers (oh I forgot this particular sim unlike its Australian cousin doesn't have the real world broker option where you send an intermediary on a commission to find an appropriate aircraft in your price range to expand or replace elements in your fleet) can't find them.

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Title: Re: Missing Used Aircraft
Post by: Sigma on September 30, 2010, 06:38:46 AM
Planes get trickled out so that there's always something good for people as they come into a game world.

If every plane on the market just got shoved out, everyone would just buy planes off the Used market, up to the 6 per week that they're allowed, and pretty soon there wouldn't be a single decent plane at all available.  It'd be like the first game-year with its tight supply but all the way through the whole game.