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Announcements - The Modern Times / New Alliance
Last post by 748i - Yesterday at 09:15:25 PM
Hi everyone,

With existing alliances seemingly at capacity, Its time to start another - I think this world can support a third alliance!

If anyone would like to co-found a new one please PM me, and We can get the process started.

British Atlantic
Announcements / Test the new AirwaySim website
Last post by Sami - February 20, 2024, 11:06:24 AM
Good news, it's time to test something new  :)

As posted earlier, a completely new AirwaySim website has been in the works. I will be posting a bit more background and "marketing" of this later, but at this point I am inviting everyone to test the new systems.

  • I have set up a dedicated test environment. This is a fully separate and independent environment, and anything you do here does not affect any airlines you have at our "real" website.

  • Any changes you make to your account at the test website do not affect your real account, such as changing password, using Credits, or purchasing Credits happen all only at the test system and in its test database, so don't worry of doing anything stupid there - test anything you like.

  • The test website link should not be shared, since it is only a temporary location and will be closed at some point.

  • To access the test system visit the temporary test website at

  • Use your current AirwaySim credentials to login (passwords as of 19th Feb 2024, any changes made at AirwaySim's real site after this date do not reflect to the test website!).

  • There is a copy of the Modern Times game at the test website - but again this is purely for test purposes. Join it and test around - as noted, Credits are not deducted from your "real" account.

  • The time of the test game is currently paused. The time will be enabled in a few days to test the backend.

  • Please post all feedback to this thread, to our Discord channel (start a new Thread in the #newinterfacetesting channel!), or to the new bug tracker at  (but do NOT post any feature requests of new game features there yet!)

Known things:

  • The mobile compatible layout is mostly not done for the game interface but should work elsewhere.

  • The alliance functions might still generate errors, not fully integrated into the new systems yet.
Game talk - Beginner's Worlds / Re: Low Cost Airline Strategy
Last post by lumberguy5 - February 20, 2024, 04:27:46 AM
Should be said that just because a ULCC or LCC has low sticker fares, it doesnt mean the revenue per pax is that much lower. All those addons for seat selection, snacks, drinks, wifi, bags, etc does add up. Kind of like how Cedar Fair/Six Flags (a Major NA themepark group) reports that most guests are passholders (getting in for $99/year), but the average spend per visit is still $50-60.

Really you should look at fare as an average "package price" that a modern airline would pass over to the fun people in Revenue Management.
Game talk - The Modern Times / day time
Last post by Nek The Greek - February 19, 2024, 09:33:28 PM
Hello , i have just a question i notice the game time in game is 25min  when resets to new day  but the world speed should be 30 min per day

am i seeing something wrong 
Bug reports / Strange Screen Keeps Popping U...
Last post by Tuckernut - February 19, 2024, 08:37:36 PM
Periodically I get this random screen for a flight from MUC to IST keeps popping up. It moves from game to game firmly attached to me. I ignore it but lately it has become more annoying. Any idea what this is? I have never flown an airline out of MUC.



Announcements - The Modern Times / Elite Worldwide Alliance - A...
Last post by Cornishman - February 19, 2024, 05:41:08 PM
Elite Worldwide Alliance

United States of America
It is with great regret that we are no longer accepting applications from airlines who are based at any USA airports as we are currently full for our acceptable quota in the USA

It is with great regret that we are no longer accepting applications from airlines who are based at any of the European countries airports as we are currently full for our acceptable quota in Europe.

We are however still open for applications from airlines who do not find their countries already listed amongst our current members.
Game talk - Beginner's Worlds / Re: Low Cost Airline Strategy
Last post by gazzz0x2z - February 19, 2024, 10:50:42 AM
for gameplay reasons, low prices are not as efficient in the game as in reality (to avoid established big companies to easily kill off newcomers). So the very concept of low-cost company in this came is risky.
North African Airways
based out of Cairo, Egypt

Announces that we have taken delivery of sufficient brand new, long-range Boeing 737-700ER aircraft to commence some amazing new routes to connect to places in the world that many of you want to travel to, but not many airlines ever venture there.

Previously the thinner routes with no more than about 100 pax. demand were un-viable for any airline if the routes were longer than about 2700nm.  That has now changed significantly with this unique new aircraft, which enable us to now offer destinations from Cairo such as Sri Lanka / Namibia / Angola / Mozambique / Reunion / Durban and Cape Town in South Africa / Zambia / Madagascar  - and many more exciting connections to come in the near future across Africa and South East Asia, as we take more deliveries of these planes.

North African Airways is the only viable choice of airline in Egypt if you want a quality of flight comfort, reliability that we will actually fly you to your destination safely and daily, with a wide variety of amazing destinations. We are strong, independant, own all our own aircraft and growing stronger day by day. In another 5 years when they become available, we have invested with an associate Elite Alliance airline in a deal to acquire brand new Airbus A350-900 aircraft that will revolutionise our long-haul fleet and eventually replace the A330s and A340s that we currently use - so you can rest assured our future is well planned too.

North African Airways - Connecting all Africa and Beyond !
A proud Elite Worldwide Alliance member airline
Game talk - The Age of Flight / Re: Should I fly medium aircra...
Last post by gazzz0x2z - February 19, 2024, 08:58:02 AM
5-6- fleet types is fun ad 400 aircraft. Not so much at 700 aircraft. You've been warned.

Of course, if your place does not support more than 400 planes, well, that point is moot. At least until demand increases.
Game talk - Beginner's Worlds / Re: Low Cost Airline Strategy
Last post by knobbygb - February 19, 2024, 07:31:20 AM
Use "Click or drag files here to attach them" at the bottom of where you post (after clicking "Reply" - don't use "Quick Reply").  That way you can attach screenshots.  If you would like me to mentor your airline, request a mentor via "Game Mentors" in the "Dashboard" menu and I will pick up the request later today. Then I'd be able to see your airline fully.

QuoteEach of my planes fly 3 routes (including return) per day, with the exception of SFO-DEN, with 2 per day
SFO-DEN is around 7hr40 roundtrip (including the extra turnaround time at the end before the next trip). If you're just flying that twice on an aircraft, that means there is more than NINE HOURS wasted there! The a/c is spending nearly 40% of the day on the ground. In that time you are still paying the lease, maintenance and crew costs.  You need to fly a longer overnight 'redeye' and then fit in the other flights around that.

For each one, pick a flight around 1200 to 1500nm. From SFO that should also put you into the -6 or even -5 timezone which means you can depart late at night and arrive at destination early morning and back at SFO mid morning. Then you have maybe 12 to 14 hours to fill with two other flights. That's the only way you will make a profit early in the game with leased aircraft. Aim for 100% utilisation.