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Title: SkyNet and Star Alliance Family™ announce tie-up
Post by: JonesyUK on December 21, 2012, 03:47:44 PM
SkyNet and Star Alliance Family™ announce tie-up


In a move that would have been unthinkable in days gone by, SkyNet are announcing their impending return to Airwaysim as partners of the Star Alliance Family™; which will be renamed The Star Alliance Group™ reflecting the addition of our new partners from SkyNet.

Having spent the early games as bitter rivals with no equals, the SkyNet name has become lost in history as The Star Alliance Family™ has soldiered on to face the challenges of newer rivals from Worldlink, Elite and SkyConnect to name but a few. Over the years it's Star has seemingly fallen from the summit it once held unchallenged. Now, both alliances seeking a solution, have thought of a bold move.

In a dramatic twist, both alliances feel the time is right to turn back the clock and join forces, in an attempt to re-create past glories. We are looking for applications for those who wish to join the project from it's beginnings.

We are particularly interested in hearing from past SkyNet/Star Alliance Family™ members or those players who remain from the early days of AWS, however, applications from the newer generations of players are also welcomed.

Both alliances have a history of success and helping to create some of the largest and most successful airlines that the AWS world has seen (Sami is a former SkyNet member and Sigma a founder and managing member!) So come and join us as we begin a new chapter in our history and show the young guns that us oldies are still a force to be reckon with!  8)

Please PM JonesyUK, Talentz or Chapelhillnews to apply or for further info.

Jointly signed,


P.S. Sigma, it's time to get back in the saddle!   ;)