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Announcements - History and the Future / aviamecanica moves down under
« Last post by MikeS on Today at 05:27:01 PM »
The CEO of aviamecanica - Persia's premier domestic airline - decided like many of his fellow countrymen to immigrate to down under. The promise of new opportunities, amazing beach life and endless barbecues was too hard to resist.
The CEO remarked that this was the only option if aviamecanica was to retain free drinks and minimal flight attendant clothing.
"Competition is tough here in Sydney but who doesn't enjoy a good challenge" said the CEO as he received his new airline operating certificate.

Operations started without delay using almost brand new Vickers Vanguard 951 aircraft.
These fast and efficient turboprops can now be seen in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland and Christchurch.

/// Surfing the Skies ///
South Airways Co.  launched a winter sale today through Dec. 14, 11:59 p.m., Eastern Standard  Time, with fares starting as low as $39 one-way.

Hurry and book! Seats, days, and markets are limited. Blackout dates and 21-day advance purchase requirements apply. See a full list of fares, fare rules, and terms and conditions below and at South airways .com
Our maintenance technicians have been hard at work, and have been tasked to de-clutter our hangars. We have airplane parts laying all over the place. While they were busy doing that, they reported finding 4 DC8-51s just rusting away in some corner. It'll take 5 days to clean them up a bit and remove some rust, after which Revolutionary Airlines will be selling them. We won't be using them in our fleet as we have shiny new DC8-62s on order. If anyone would like to buy our used, freshly D-checked (by our trained hard-working technicians) DC8-51s, please write to Revolutionary Airlines as soon as possible.

Our secretaries are standing by, don't delay!
Many ERJ 135, 145's going on the used market. Low prices and fresh D checks for many of them. -Tashkent Airlines
The Airbus A330-200F will be due for launch in the next few years and we are looking for a number of suppliers to help with a speedy acquisition of frames.

The airline is in great shape financially and is willing and able to pay very competitive rates to buy these planes.

Please drop me a PM on the forums or hit me up on Discord if you're interested in making some money  :)

As a proud member of the ANSA alliance, Transafrican Airlines introduces its new fleet. The fleet consists of Airbus A320 family machines and Embraer E-Jet family machines. A new player on the African continent enables people, economies, and cultures to connect. Transafrican airlines offer the comfort of a modern company. The company flies to 20 destinations and the number is growing every day.

General forum / Re: Lack of staff??????
« Last post by Mort on Yesterday at 11:31:11 AM »
So I have an airline and was looking at flight delays I noticed that most of my delays were from "lack of staff" so I look at my staffing level its all at 100 or101% so were is the lack? What is causing this delay?

Even with the recommended amount of staff, you still have illness etc which gets lumped in under lack of staff
General forum / Lack of staff??????
« Last post by mizuki on Yesterday at 11:17:12 AM »
So I have an airline and was looking at flight delays I noticed that most of my delays were from "lack of staff" so I look at my staffing level its all at 100 or101% so were is the lack? What is causing this delay?
Feature requests / Re: Cargo Conversion from UM
« Last post by DavidW95 on Yesterday at 10:21:18 AM »
I'd just like to bump this back up the forum board. I'd very much like this option as it would also allow me to schedule the aircraft direct from the UM purchase without the game automatically hiring cabin crew rather than having to wait until it's delivered to then convert and schedule it.
PRESS RELEASE - March 4, 1964 - Denver, CO USA

Monkey Air is proud to announce it's current position in Total Cargo Transported YTD. "The Flying Monkey" - CEO of Monkey Air would like to thank all of the alliance members of Compass Alliance who helped with aircraft acquisition. Together we will build strong airlines and a stronger alliance.
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