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Game talk - The Age of Flight / Re: Lack of planes
« Last post by dmoose42 on Yesterday at 10:37:17 PM »
The game is terrible!!

Everyone should always be able to get whatever plane whenever they want it for free!!!

Is that a good enough complaint!!!

Haha - I like the fact that there are constraints in the beginning - makes the game better than just having everything instantly available
Game talk - The Age of Flight / Lack of planes
« Last post by Jake S on Yesterday at 07:09:48 PM »
This is a thread where we can hopefully collect all the complaints from all the people who will complain about the lack of planes so that we don’t have 50 posts about the same s*** (like always)… Hopefully you know who you are by now ;)
Game talk - Beginner's Worlds / Re: Route marketing
« Last post by dmoose42 on Yesterday at 04:14:13 PM »
RI increases at the end of Monday each week
Announcements - The Age of Flight / Compass Alliance is coming to the Age of Flight!
« Last post by dagwood on September 24, 2021, 09:52:16 PM »
Compass Alliance is proud to announce that it will be actively participating in the Age of Flight. We will be running within the first game day and look forward to seeing all of our friends and partner airlines here soon.
Off-topic forum / Problems with game after upgrade to iOs 15.0
« Last post by Tuckernut on September 24, 2021, 08:10:57 PM »
Been trying to figure where to ask this.  I upgraded my software to iOs 15.0 and it has had some nuisance issues with the game.  I have managed to work through them all except one.  Whenever I leave the game it now makes me sign back in.  In the past I have always been able to move in and out freely.

Is there somewhere I can disable the sign in requirement?  I have looked under “settings.”

Announcements - The Age of Flight / Irish Overseas Airways Corporation founded today
« Last post by Antoine on September 24, 2021, 07:34:43 PM »
Following the Ireland Act 1948 Which declared that “the country known in British law as "Eire" ceased to be "part of His Majesty's dominions”, The newly formed Irish Government has today set about reconnecting the ‘Green Isle’ to the world by setting up a state owned Flag Carrier.

Irish Overseas Airways Corporation (IOAC) is set to build on the foundations laid by the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) by working closely with the newly foreign airline. The former, mainly domestic aimed carrier “Aer Lingus” is to be incorporated into IOAC for a more international appeal.

Many in Ireland see this as a link back towards Imperial Britain. With its similar name and it’s main market, the wealthy ‘prop-set’ It remains to be seen if IOAC is a success based on the opinions of the people of Ireland.
Bug reports / Re: [-] alliance membership request despite sharing HQ with a member
« Last post by Sami on September 24, 2021, 07:17:28 PM »
Not everything in the rules is automatically checked. And of course there can be some short overlaps here too, if there are some changes in business plans or similar. So I wouldn't be too worried of this.
Announcements / The Age of Flight game is now open!
« Last post by Sami on September 24, 2021, 07:00:19 PM »

The Age of Flight game world is now open, welcome!

This is one of our three concurrent epic-length airline sim scenarios, starting in the 1950s and running all the way into year 2035. An ultimate challenge for virtual airline managers!

The setup for this scenario differs a bit from the other epic games since we start already in the year 1950. The aircraft selection is much more limited and you should use some cheap war-surplus DC-3s and similar to get going.

This game world follows the standard settings for long AirwaySim games:
  • Time span: 1950 - 2035, at 30 minutes per game day.

  • Normal difficulty level / Epic length scenario.

  • All airports globally and all aircraft models included.

  • The overall play duration of this game is about 1.5 years.

Game play related settings specific for this scenario:
  • The initial setup has been deliberately done with a low airport slot numbers and limited used aircraft supply. Be patient with the start-up phase.

  • A couple of airports (Johannesburg, Moscow SVO, Helsinki) have been "unrealistically" adjusted to have been opened already Jan-1950 to allow them to be selected as HQs.

  • Please remember that this game follows the standard and real-world setup for the economy and political rules. The expansion outside your own HQ country does not become available until the 1990s and onwards.

  • Majority of the used aircraft are DC-3s, C-46s, Li-2s, added with some early versions of DC-6s. Start with short-haul flights this time?

  • The initial cost of airport slots is higher than previously to slow down the initial rush to grow.

If it has been a while since you started at early stages in a major AirwaySim game, here are a few reminders and tips:
  • The game clock is paused for the first day and will start moving after 24 hrs.

  • The used aircraft market will refresh several times during the first static 24 hour day (but you can only make two orders for aircraft during the first day).

  • There is a good supply of used aircraft available to begin with, but the used aircraft market will soon become limited and the popular aircraft types are sold/leased very quickly. Take care when picking the aircraft you plan to use and plan to order aircraft directly from the manufacturers.

  • New aircraft ordering will be available after the time starts to move (= from day 2 of the simulation), but it is of course always recommended to lease several used aircraft to begin with.

  • Be patient with the route sales figures since your Route Image grows slowly. Do not spend all your cash on planes at once, remember to leave a good reserve. It takes time to gain profits and there might be unexpected early problems..

  • Some popular airports will for sure become limited on airport slots soon. This is normal and you should use larger aircraft or other airports in that case. Please remember that slots are only available when the airport infrastructure expands.

  • The passenger demand will grow steadily during the course of the game, and is rather low at the very beginning.

  • Consider joining an alliance from early stages of the game, they are great resources for improving your game play (tips and help from fellow players).

Welcome onboard the virtual airline world at AirwaySim and good luck!

» Join Age of Flight!
Bug reports / Re: alliance membership request despite sharing HQ with a member
« Last post by Jake S on September 24, 2021, 06:34:20 PM »
So does this mean there could potentially be 2 members at the same airport?
Could there be? Yes. Is it allowed according to game rules? No...
It's like with most things, you can do it until you are caught doing it  ::)
Announcements / Re: AirwaySim Changelog
« Last post by Sami on September 24, 2021, 04:51:51 PM »
Lisunov Li-2 added

  • Lisunov Li-2 data added.

  • "The Lisunov Li-2, originally designated PS-84, was a license-built Soviet-version of the Douglas DC-3. It has various modifications over the original model to meet with the operational environment of the Soviet Union."

These changes are effective only in all new game worlds launched today and after.

This thread is locked and is reserved for announcements only. Please make all comments to the General forums:,60273.0.html
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