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Title: Read first: How to report a bug
Post by: Sami on July 16, 2007, 09:45:42 AM
Reporting a bug in AirwaySim

If you have found an error or bug in the AirwaySim game code, please report it to us. Before reporting, please read the following:

Thank you!

This forum is also used as a bug tracker. Topic title description (added by admins to keep track on what's done, do not add or change these remarks to a topic you are posting):

[ok] - bug confirmed and fixed (database changes affect only next starting games); moved to archive after 7 days.
[-] - not a bug, or otherwise not applicable; moved to archive after 7 days.
no mark - bug not investigated, or not fixed yet.

Open bugs

All threads not marked with [ok] or [-] at this forum.

Known issues (not bugs)

- Two airports cannot have the same ICAO code in the system. So thus the ICAO codes for Munich - Riem and Hong Kong - Kai Tak are slightly different than what they were in real life, as their respective new airports have the same ICAO codes as the old airports.

- Four minor airports in Africa and Asia do not have a ICAO code at all in real life (and each airport must have a code in the game) so the code has been randomly added and thus does not represent real life situation.