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Announcements - Beginner's World #1 / From Dublin To The World
« Last post by pikachu on Today at 06:51:50 PM »
Express Aerways is proud to be the first airline serving Dubrovnik[DBV] and Tallinn[TLL]!

Flights operate from Dublin daily on an embraer 190
Unless he means the newfound 737-8200 that is..  ;D

Oh, yeah, the -8200 is fine! Its just the MAX that's grounded! No one will notice, Ryanair!  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Unless he means the newfound 737-8200 that is..  ;D
Announcements - Beginner's World #2 / GD Air gone Digital!
« Last post by Grandmen123 on Yesterday at 04:49:15 PM »

As mentioned in our previous press release, with the closing of the 2017 financial year, GD Air has taken yet another step towards a better future! Over the last 6 months, we have redirected a lot of our marketing budget towards building a new, more efficient digital platform. Starting in April, our new website will be made available alongside our brand new mobile app!

Both of these platforms will be host to a plethora of services, from booking to reward plans! More on the reward plans on a later announcement.


Our website has been one of our main platforms for quite some time now, but now it'll only improve! Starting with a refurbished home page, you'll now be able to navigate around and see every destination on our portfolio, as well as book a flight for the cheapest price possible! We charge no extra fees, no hidden extras, everything is displayed before you prior to your payment, which you can make using credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, and other options.

In addition to the booking system, you'll now be able to check-in online, choose your seat, even fill out security forms or pre-order meals before you even get to the airport! You'll also be able to create an account with us, get a rewards card number, and use the reward miles to book other flights!

If you are purchasing tickets for other people, you'll be able to send the information to them via email, if they are minors you can arrange for an escort, or if you or any of the other passengers flying with you require special attention, you'll have the opportunity to inform us prior to your arrival.

The website will also feature a wide range of other content, from press releases and a media kit to details about our fleet and products!

Mobile APP

Our mobile app will serve as a base for our loyal customers to book flights, check reservations, and even have their boarding pass prepared before their flight! You'll also be able to access flight details, scan through the list of content of our IFE.

In addition to this, having the app will allow you to connect to our on-board Wi-Fi, and enjoy free messaging in the skies!


With an exciting future ahead of us, we at GD Air continue to stay focused on providing the best product possible! Now that we have an amazing online platform, we can better cater to our growing demand and continue to provide even better services!

Best Regards,
          CEO of GD Air

Aaaaaaand its grounded.... :laugh:
Announcements - Game World #4 / New Chapter Begins for Jet Egypt
« Last post by hutu on Yesterday at 11:26:22 AM »
Jet Egypt, a Sky Alliance member, pledges to solidify its status as Africa's most modern airline, having recently secured a deal to purchase 12 Embraer 190-E2 aircraft.

"This is only the beginning of our fleet renewal process as we aim to exclusively operate next-generation Embraer aircraft by 2021", said the CEO in a press briefing in Cairo.

The airline is also introducing Horus, a new business class service inspired by the Egyptian god of the skies that will further improve quality and comfort on its flights to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
Same on other routes, see pic below.

The only difference is that the 1st sub-leg (SIN to tech-stop) being the longest one (opposite to the previous example), the display issue is reversed compared to the other example.

I was transferring some routes from 757PF to A321-200F.

For the outbound leg, the shown payload limitation is the toughest one (as it should), ie from Shaik Zayed to Verona (2955nm).

For the inbound leg however, the limitation that is displayed is the one from Shaik Zayed to SIN, ie the limitation on the shortest sub-leg (2522nm), as I was able to check by fake-creating a SIN-RYK route, thus making the player believe that he can handle 25.000kg, while irl he can only take 20.000kg.

Edit: I did create a route to check the figures, and I'm definitely right, both legs carry around 20.000kg of cargo.
Feature requests / A easy, logical improvement to commonality system
« Last post by tititaka on Yesterday at 05:29:36 AM »
Why commonality penalty in the first place?

The commonality in game is rather different from RL. Its main purpose is to:

1) forcing fleet choices
2) prevent major players from infinite expansion


While the main purposes have been served, there are mainly two issues:

1) Making transition difficult
2) Adding 1 extra planes causing billions of cost on existing fleet does not seem logical at all and it confuses new player

Proposed solution

Step 1:
For each fleet group, we calculate the total maintenance cost. This total cost serves as the base.

Fleet A: 100 frames, $20,000 each = 2M
Fleet B: 20 frames, $40,000 each = 800K
Fleet C: 200 frame, $15,000 each = 3M

Step 2:
Rank the fleets in descending order and let's call them 1st, 2nd, 3rd fleet respectively

Fleet C > Fleet A > Fleet B
Fleet C->1st fleet
Fleet A->2nd fleet
Fleet B->3rd fleet

3) Assign a commonality penalty to each fleet only!

For example, current commonality penalty can be modeled as:

1st fleet penalty -> 0%
2nd fleet penalty -> 0%
3rd fleet penalty -> 100% < total 75 frames or -> 0% when else
4th fleet penalty -> 1000% > total 100 frames or 200% when less

(All those rules and numbers are just for illustration, more sophiscated rules can be designed)

If we are adding 4th fleet to above example, say Fleet D with $50,000 per frame
Each frames will cost $500,000 maintenance instead after penalty is applied.
Comparing to the old method, the start of transition will hurt less but still hurt enough to force the player to finish conversion fast.

Why is this solution good?

1) while there are other cool and logical ideas around like commonality points or retiring fleet, this method is very easy to implement
2) still preserve the purpose of commonality system
3) helps better fleet transition
4) providing flexibility to reward players to use even less fleet ( maybe give a small penalty even to 2nd or 3rd fleet? like 10% or 40%?)

General forum / Re: LOGO AND LIVERY
« Last post by dave111 on Yesterday at 01:25:03 AM »
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