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Game talk - Airline Generations (GW #1) / Re: change
« Last post by JohnGaleazza on Today at 05:46:39 PM »
I do my route pricing adjustments in a few different ways
1.  Usually once every 3 quarters I'll do a large scale price adjustment, based on avg pax and cargo load factors I will raise prices on those that are above a certain load factor threshold and lower prices on those that are below a certain load factor threshold.
2.  Fine tuning.  Less frequently unless I find load factors completely out of whack, I will go through each category Economy, Biz, First Pax and light, standard, heavy cargo and adjust pricing for each category on each route to improve load factors in each category.
3.  Optimization.  On poorly performing routes, and when I have some time to follow 2 or 3 weeks of sim time I will look at these routes to look at maximizing revenue.  Sometimes this means lowering prices despite having higher load factors other times it means holding or even raising prices despite low load factors (for example in cases my supply is higher than the demand, there is no point to chasing higher loads as there is no demand)

I agree through pricing should be fairly infrequent.
There is already such a feature.

But timer could be perhaps extended. (and added +12 months time manually to all Modern Times prod.lines now)

I think it should definitely be extended, especially for MT worlds.

Relative cost of aircraft, especially Very Large aircraft is high (compared to previous periods) and there is also uncertainty of 2001 looming, preventing players from making big commitments.

PS: MD-11 line is also now pending cancellation, A300-600R(F) just cancelled, so the Game World is in danger of going down to 1 and 1/2 LH fleets.  (A330 + 767 that is starting to age).
Bug reports / Re: Route Planning
« Last post by Onecharliefox on Today at 01:04:27 PM »
Please let me know what changes you made

I made a change to the pax limit.
There is already such a feature.

But timer could be perhaps extended. (and added +12 months time manually to all Modern Times prod.lines now)
General forum / Re: My least favorite part of the income statement
« Last post by Kontio on Today at 12:51:08 PM »
Instead of (or in addition to) figures based on real-life accounting rules, could we have some simple answers to whether a certain plane or fleet group is actually making or losing money? That would be really useful for us non-accountants.
Bug reports / Re: Blocking seats on Combi aircraft not calculating properly
« Last post by Sami on Today at 12:50:12 PM »
Was already fixed earlier. Either reschedule the routes or change seat blocking by + or - 1 seat to force recalculation.

edit: actually, forced the system to recalculate the figures for your airline automatically .. so you don't have to bother clicking around
GW2, DC-10-30CF, Pax limited to 140 but all calculations are still performed with a capacity of 179. The return flight should gain at least 3500kgs cargo capacity based on ~100kgs/pax plus bags, but it seems the limit is unchanged from before the seats were blocked.

Edit: The issue seems to be with the automatic seat blocking feature. If I manually set the limit to 140 pax, it is displayed correctly and the cargo capacity in both directions increases by 4,000kgs. (3rd image)
General forum / Re: My least favorite part of the income statement
« Last post by schro on Today at 10:46:38 AM »
Ifrs has been a pipe dream and incoming for something like a decade though? I've been out of the bean counting world for too long to know though :-). If I remember right the lease changes were fairly controversial....

Of course, if ifrs is adopted by aws, the entire way leases are accounted for (i.e. the estimated total liability is not put in the balance sheet right now and I would guess that seat configuration changes and upgrades would also need to be capitalized on their own depreciation scale). Should be good for some entertainment if that happens. Time for a feature request?
in the same game than Jumbo : TU-204 is about to close. I was tempted to try the cargo versions, but there is no way I'll be stabilized enough in december 2000 to buy a hand of TU-204-120C.

I also never was able to play Y42 extensively for the same reason - just a few dozens on the UM when GW3(erm, MT) starts, and production line closes faster than light. Hence the only 3 possible choices for this era for whoever plays larges(i.e. a majority of players): A320, B737(all families) or MD80s.

* and 757

Yeah, if there was international LH cargo in decent numbers (glaring at Sami), I would have gone with the Tu-204 too. But in two years I'll be able to double tech-stop my way around the world and thus, defeat the purpose of adding the Tu. Might as well wait it out and let 9/11 stock the UM with aircraft for me to buy/fly :)

Bug reports / Re: Route Planning
« Last post by Sami on Today at 09:25:42 AM »
Most likely due to to the payload/seat block. Fix expected later today.

(the routes are flown normally and it's just the planning page chart that is wonky)
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