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General forum / Any Thoughts on a New Challenge?
« Last post by Tuckernut on Today at 07:13:40 PM »
The cargo challenge was a lot of fun.  Sami, have you given any thought on when and what new challenge is in the works?

Announcements - Beginner's World #2 / GD Air! Fly in Luxury
« Last post by Grandmen123 on Today at 06:40:01 PM »
As a new world commences, I am proud to announce that GD Air is back!

Hello! My name is Grandmen123, I'm the Owner and CEO of GD Air! Today I'm here to shed a little light on my plans for this Airline for the time being

Our Message
As a full-service carrier, based in Sydney Australia, we are devoted to providing the best and most luxurious experience while flying the skies, to connect Sydney and Australia to the world!

Our Plans
As we begin to set foundations, we plan to launch routes to cover every viable destination within our home country of Australia, as well as air links to the biggest airports in New Zealand and Oceania. Further on we intend to start our international flights using brand new and refurbished A330s, which have been equipped with the most comfortable cabin products available, all designed by our sister company, GD Aviation, with help from Airbus. More on our cabin designs and international flights coming soon.

Our Fleet
As we begin with a fleet of A320s and A319s, we intend to expand domestically in order to connect our country, with leading-edge comfort seats, without further ado I present to you, our A320 cabin product!



Final Notes
We look forward to sharing our adventures around the world with all of you! More news coming soon as we establish ourselves as a renown carrier!

Best Regards,
             CEO of GD Air

edit: suddenly stumbled across the option to start scratch, mods please del this thread. Thanks!
Bug reports / Re: [-] GW3 787 fleet UM prices
« Last post by gazzz0x2z on Today at 01:07:33 PM »
if companies go on buying new and ignoring the Used market, well, that's a predictable behaviour(I hope it's the cause. If it's not the case, then yes, pricing makes no sense)
Bug reports / Re: GW3 787 fleet UM prices
« Last post by Sami on Today at 09:19:17 AM »
The used a/c pricing is not relative to the new a/c prices. Used aircraft prices are formed on a wide range of different values but relative prices to similar new a/c are not compared by design so this is not a bug.
General forum / Re: D Check notification question/suggestion (Solved)
« Last post by Bodazafa on Today at 09:11:19 AM »
we already have 1.

Awesome Simon thank you.  I totally did not see the Financial / Maintenance / Tech headers under My Aircraft for some reason.

Feel like an idiot now tbh.  Ah well - at least I got what I wanted   ;)

Thanks for taking the time to clarify that for me.

Good morning - nice restart and a great philosophy !

So further to all our discussions to get you started, I was thinking on how we now generate excellent growth for you - I think you need to research your potential routes on the EMB-170 and keep adding to that ( I could see dozens and dozens just during my quick analysis).  But also, we need to think of a bigger plane - your second type, to see what could work for Medium Haul.  I'm not saying this is definitely the solution.... but I have quite a lot of 757s which I will soon retire with a fresh D check and they might be ideal for your heavier passenger routes with destinations anywhere between about 1000nm and 4400nm. That plane would give you all important destinations in the Europe/Africa/Asia - so London / Johannesburg / Jakarta / Singapore / HoChiMin / Hong Kong / Taipei / Tokyo

I will analyse a bit deeper for you, but this might be the right plane.
Jack - St Pirans Airways
General forum / Re: D Check notification question/suggestion
« Last post by groundbum2 on Today at 07:54:59 AM »
we already have 1. I have the same issue, so to find aircraft coming up with D checks I go to "my aircraft" then click on the "d check" column heading and it orders them soonest to last. So it's there. It gets annoying when you have many subtypes so need to scroll through them all, like A318,A319,A320,A320neo,A321,A321neo,A320-200F etc etc etc.

I'be quite happy if on the "aircraft" screen and maintenance section bottom right the "D" was in bold so I could easily scan down for upcoming D checks.

It would still be nice to download "my aircraft" in it's entirety to Excel then we could mess with the data to our hearts contents outside AWS..

This should maybe in the "feature requests" forum...

Bug reports / [-] GW3 787 fleet UM prices
« Last post by MuzhikRB on Today at 07:28:00 AM »
please check AI brokers price script

for more then 5 years AI is offering brand new 787 (0-3yo) at price level of 130-170 M per frame.

Even I am benefiting from it as 787 user, I dont think it is correct. while ordering new one will cost you around 230M with 26% discount.

I am buying 321neo for 130m... so something is not working correctly.
Announcements - Game World #4 / Bye Bye Caravelle
« Last post by Freoman on Today at 06:41:32 AM »
Jetstream will today week fly its last services using the ground breaking Sud Caravelle. As the last operator of this iconic type anywhere in the world, its a sad to have to retire our old friend but all good things must come to an end. Our fleet will now concentrate on the 737: efficient, modern but undoubtedly lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. Au Revoir, Caravelle!
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