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Title: Asia Challenge has ended
Post by: Sami on January 26, 2014, 12:45:14 PM
The three-month Asia Challenge scenario has ended yesterday. Here are some selected results:

Richest CEOs

    Triple Seven (Qatar), $21.7mil
    hightide1971 (Connexions), $17.2mil
    DutchBlond (Outback Airlines), $16.6mil

Most passengers transported (since start)

    Amanville, 625 638 751
    flyJapan, 520 137 594
    CEDARS plus, 462 047 863

Largest fleets

    CEDARS plus, 395
    Amanville, 371
    flyJapan, 314

Most airports served

    Amanville, 194
    CEDARS plus, 193
    Lotus Vietnam, 189

Busiest airports (previous full game year)

    Beijing, 57.7mil pax
    Haneda, 55.9mil pax
    Hong Kong, 50.3mil pax


    Orion, 1590 pts
    Panasia, 539 pts
    Asia Airline Alliance, 263 pts

Popular aircraft in operation

    Airbus A321neo, 1144 a/c in operation
    Airbus A319neo, 389
    Boeing 767-400ER, 259

The starting time for the next game world will be announced shortly.