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Best replacement for A300s in 2000’s

Started by Garyh90, February 03, 2024, 10:43:09 AM


So I'm looking for the best replacement for my A300s. They currently operate 3-4000 mile routes but I am looking for an aircraft that can go further than that later on. What is the overall most cost effective replacement in your opinions? Thank you.


A300 4000nm? The A310 perhaps..

Having done this before, the A300 short hauls kick ass, and the A310 long haul kicks ass. But they need different replacements. The short haul generally goes to 737/321 or similar. The long haul 767 etc. I would personally fly the 300/310 for longer than desired, but waiting for the new gen 330/777 to come in. If you have less than 300 aircraft then commonality really isn't an issue.



unless the A300 series has received updated performance profiles from Sami, it consumed too much fuel. I once did a comprehensive fuel consumption comparison vs the L-1011 Tristars and those tri jets used less fuel: -19% on short routes and still -7% on longest ones.
(A300B2-100 GE vs L-1011-100 RR). Considering the Tristars are much heavier and can take more passengers over longer distances, the A300 is a poor choice in the game, at least those early models.



I like the A300 at game startup. Yes the fuel is an issue, but at game startup unique conditions exist
1) big empty routes with nobody flying them, eg EGLL - North Africa 900pax, not a single flight
2) slot costs are huge such that you're alternating getting another plane on lease vs buying a single day slot for a plane already here

the 250/280 pax A300 that is also ridiculously cheap on the UM, and available, comapares really well to the 120pax 737-200s,Caravelles etc that everybody else is using.

You also get the A310 that can do trans-atlantic yet stay in the same fleet.

But the trick is to replace the A300s with 737/320s/DC9s as competition ramps up on routes.


i only used the a310 + a300-600s (and some cargo ones). they are not a really good choice if you want to optimize a fleet.
apparently for shorthaul they are great since they have fast turnarounds, but for longer flights their fuel is much higher than expected. Samis fuel consumption information of course is very scarce, so one really has to try to find out.

anything past 95 is too late for replacing the planes though. i would nto recommend a second dcheck on the initial batch - rather take the a330/340 instead. or switch to 767 when having enough cash. never tried the b777 early in the game, because the game dynamics dont work in favor of it