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Alliance forums not showing on main forum topic/category board

Started by Mort, January 18, 2024, 03:11:26 PM


Since the update to the new forum software, it would seem that the alliance forums are not showing on the main forum index page.

Tested on both desktop and mobile.


I do see the Speed World alliance forums for example just fine in main forum index?

Are you otherwise able to access the forums?

And are older game alliance forums also missing?


I can see the Speed world alliance forum if I log into the game  and go to the alliance page but I can't see it if I just go to the forums. I do however see the other GW alliance forums. Seems to just be a Speed World issue


Hopefully Fisher's answer gives a bit more clarity.

Speed World is my only active one currently so can't chime in directly.

Forums otherwise work just fine for me

Edit: Is it perhaps related to needing your manual intervention when alliance was setup? Due to the 500 error did part of the process related to forum permissions not get fired maybe?


I'm not in any worlds right now, however, announcements forums for Speed World and Beginner's Worlds have buggered off and can't be seen - the 4 long words are still there.


Something wrong in storing the permissions when the automation creates the forums. When I edit + save it manually, they have now appeared. --> Have to investigate more.