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Next round of Speed World - the setup

Started by Sami, January 07, 2024, 10:55:12 AM


I am just about to set up the next game of the Speed World theme.

What did you think of the start-up settings, which were greatly different from the normal very flexible style we are used to, since here all new airlines had to start with regional traffic and the big jets were available only after some time.

Shall we do the same again, or try something different (but nothing too complicated).

Let me know your ideas.


Possibly extending it to 2035 to use more planes  :)


Quote from: YFrench on January 07, 2024, 10:59:57 AMPossibly extending it to 2035 to use more planes  :)

Yes, f.e. we can't really use the 321XLR or 350F when the GW only reaches to 2025.

It would also be cool to remove the EU (and other Open Sky zones), so an airline based in f.e. CDG can't go to other big european airports. So we could see more big european airlines than now. (only 1 big airline in Europe)


I'd play SpeedWorld again if it starts just a bit earlier - say maybe 1990 or mid '80's  and then lasts until 2030 or even 2035.  I say that because if I invest my time into building, I want to have time to do a great job of it.

Also, I really didn't like the recent rules - I'd hope we go back to the previous open rules of SpeedWorld.


You mean the open worldwide basing to be brought back, or something else?


Start with larger loan, allow 10 planes to start and increase interest every month, aim to pay off quicker or go bust.

Viscount Bailey

Quote from: Sami on January 07, 2024, 03:55:26 PMYou mean the open worldwide basing to be brought back, or something else?

That's how I read what he asked for and I too would play the Speedworld again if the rules reverted to how they were for Speedworld prior to the changes of the last Speedworld game.


I opted not to play this round due to the regional jet only start - I preferred the format that had been used for the past couple of Speed Worlds. A wider time range (especially a little later) could be interesting as the ending doesn't really make it worth the time to transition to the newest jets.

As for other variations... I have no idea...


I'd play it if players were squashed together more, perhaps only have Europe bases, or some other restriction. I like competing against other players, and found previous Speedworlds too big and empty. Ie I could open a top10 airport base, practically have it to myself, and then the game was a matter of 500x 7day 777s around the world.zzzzz




Quote from: Sami on January 07, 2024, 03:55:26 PMYou mean the open worldwide basing to be brought back, or something else?

Yes that's what I meant. Looks like @schro and myself (and others here) are in some agreement on this.



Varying opinions I see, let's what all I can fit in.

Expect the game to start later this week (details will follow)...


I'm sorry to take it a different path, but as a tenured player I want to offer up a bit more:

I agree to have it last longer.  We lost a lot of players by game year 2020.  As evident the 321XLR's were so much cheaper than the 321neos because the deliveries were so close to the end of the game.

Admittedly I did not like the regional start.  However I grew to like that as it really leveled the playing field for newer players that joined.  So often the "big fish" come in and know how to grow to 100 aircraft in a matter of a game year which puts unnecessary pressure on new players coming in that they get fed up and just leave the game altogether.  I saw this in my alliance.  As a Game Mentor & Alliance Mod for several years now, I feel the frustration these newer players are having.

Now we are all used to what happens on 9/11/01 and prepare for this "unexpected" event.  There should be another for the Pandemic.  These major events help to right-size the game to ensure that all players are doing their best, much like in the real-world.

My suggestions:
* Some sort of controlled start for the first few game years  (either regional only or less startup cash)
* Heavily limit slots at the popular airports (LHR, JFK, LAX) to slow over-expansion & player suppression in the first few game years.
* Expansion to allow for greater airline growth come 2015>2020.  This could be in the form of allowing bases to be opened in a "Continent" area (not just within an economic or country) as opposed to a full-on Worldwide allowance.
* Cap on the number of aircraft permitted to operate until X year or something like that.  It will force veteran players to make really good a/c decisions and deploy them where needed while allowing novice player a chance to expand.
* Pandemic event to hit around 3/18/2020 (similar to 9/11/01) which causes a great reduction in demand for a period of time
* Expansion of the end of the game to 2035
* If an expansion is possible, also consider a 1985-2035 game at a 10 minute/day pace just so that the overall game doesn't last more than 3 real months.
* Special discount code (like 5% off) that we can offer alliance member to buy game credits....say after the first month the game is in both as an incentive to stay in an alliance to help fellow players as well as in Airwaysim.


Quote from: Jetsforfun on January 09, 2024, 07:36:41 PM(.../...)
* Heavily limit slots at the popular airports (LHR, JFK, LAX) to slow over-expansion & player suppression in the first few game years.(.../...)

This one I love absolutely. Setting up infra at 2 & traffic at 1 for the biggies should seriously nerf down the massive strategic advantage starting at them has.


Still perfecting the setup, but we're trying something very different again, to create new twists to the sim's default startup.

Here's the preliminary setup description:

A special-rules game world for a different AirwaySim experience! The speed of the game is very fast, at only 10 mins per day.

You can only open an airline in Europe or North America, but you can fly to any destination around the world.

There are no real-life geopolitical restrictions when opening additional base airports but your bases must be within the same continent as your HQ airport.

The smallest airports are excluded from the game, and the amount of airport slots is limited at the other airports.

All aircraft models are available.

Your start-up capital is made fully out of loans.

Computer-generated AI Airlines exist in the game.

Duration 1992 - 2035.


And we're live with a new round of the Speed World:

Join here:

Once we're under way, I'm happy to hear some feedback again about the setup.


Your comments so far on the setup of this scenario?


Something that might be a good change because of the shortness of days is allowing scheduling of aircraft a bit further out than the standard 3 weeks.

With the speed of the scenario it's quite hard to manage scheduling of planes that arrive in the middle of the night and I've had several deliveries come while I am sleeping and sit without a schedule for many hours of real time as they cannot be scheduled during waking hours due to the shortness of the pre-delivery scheduling window.

Maarten Otto

Great setup to test things out. 3x speed means less waiting to see the results.

Might give the DO328 a try in several different configs.