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Luftfracht NRW getting ready to say goodbye

Started by TheEdge, November 18, 2023, 10:15:48 PM


When Luftfracht NRW was founded over 7 years ago we just wanted to move as much as we could as fast as possible. Our hearts ruled our heads so when we saw those semi-derelict 747-200s hanging around in the Arizona desert we just went and bought them. We didn't really look much at things like running costs, service history and the fact several of them had mismatched engines. Over the years we realised that more modern aircraft were just an all round cheaper choice and the slightly smaller hold capacity of the DC-10-30F and MD-11F just made that bit more sense. 

As the aircraft spotters at Cologne have noticed there have been a lot less 747s flying to the US and a lot more heading on one way flights to various nefarious airfields across the world. So yes, sadly we confirm that the time has come to admit that those 747s are never coming back and the future is tri-jet and MD-11F shaped.

However we are not just letting the Queen of the Skies die without saying goodbye so one of our last airframes, D-NRBC "Hohenzollernbrucke" has been adorned with a giant farewell livery celebrating its 7 years of service to us. You planespotters, catch it while you can as there are only three 747s left, four MD-11s in hangers having their seats stripped out and a fifth on order so these remaining 747s won't be around for long.


But never fear if you love vastly outdated aircraft. Our ancient fleet of B727-200AF will be filling your skies with the scream of 25 year old jets for many years to come yet!

Luftfracht NRW: Logistics is our business, not environmental health