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Game setup

Started by Sami, September 16, 2023, 01:06:06 PM


Let me know what you think of this a bit differerent way to start the game.  :)

..or if you have questions.


Hi sami

Its not my favorite setup, but even though i Think it looks interesting.

I have Two worries.

15 min pr. gameday is a bit stressfull. 20 min would have been better

I think UM seems thin both in Numbers of ac's and in types and Im afraid we will have a lot of time without anything to buy and to little cash to lease New planes but i might be proven wrong😊

Best regards

Maarten Otto

I really don't like not having the option to opt-out on a pre defined airline. Actually lost intrest in this gameworld already and would love to have my credifs returned as this is not what I hoped it would be. And I know the 15 minufe rule, but that is fine for the existing game, nof for frying out a "new" way of game setup. Sorry but not having the opt-out and being forced upon a large airport where a new slot is ovef 1.6 million is not my style of playing the game and having a good time.


I in my opinion the setup is working fine - You could choose your airport and setup of ac's

The UM quickly got empty for Fokker 100's but there are options.

The historic launching of different ac-types is short circuited, we dont know when to expect the different types of ac's to arrive, and that inhibits the planing of fleettypes, but otherwise im having fun  :)


I have to say I love the quick day setup.
Weird not to see all a/c available in the 90's but it is quite interesting to see what will happen and how will it develop


Feels weird but in a good way
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I like this new game start, it's quick and easy, and it spreads the competition around - instead of having 5 airlines starting at one airport and cutting each other throats just to survive.

15 minute game days are no big deal, much better than 30+ minute days where you wait forever for something to happen.

The Great Santini

I would like to suggest that all players get to choose what type of airline they wish to start, then have default airports and fleets associated with each airline type.  Having to be faced with extremely high slot fees at the start is taxing as demonstrated by the amount of bk's early into the game world.  Or increase the amount of starting capital to better keep players from leaving early.