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Reminder about forum code of conduct

Started by Sami, August 12, 2023, 10:56:22 AM


I had to delete a thread of this game world's "announcements" section since it did not condone to our forum rules.

It was a public accusation towards other player in the game about a matter the poster had already contacted the administration previously (and was replied within 24hrs), and some days after (this morning) the poster had sent several messages to the administration over some hours (no reply yet, since admin was sleeping), and after that decided to post the similar rant and accusation to public forum.

This is not acceptable, and any complaints, suspicions, reports, requests for investigations, and similar, shall be done only via private communications to the administration, since often there is no actions required from the administration and we do not wish single members of the game to agitate against other members and create a general negativity in the public forums. If a rule violation is suspected, the admin will investigate, and if needed issue a penalty with possibly a public statement to remind other players about the rules.

(And lastly, it was a "discussion" topic posted to the "airline announcements" forum.)