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Author Topic: Cause yourself immeasurable pain with Tard Air  (Read 52 times)

Cause yourself immeasurable pain with Tard Air
« on: December 25, 2022, 12:12:45 AM »
Are getting tired of perfect physical comfort? Do you want to hate yourself?? Is your existence causing too much happiness?? FEAR NOT! Tard Air has the solution for all your questions. Join us, on brand spanking new flight, the longest flight in fact, in AirwaySim Beginner's World #2! A WHOPPING 23 hour, 40 minute experience of pure, unrivalled ecstasy on the Boeing 777-200LR with Tard Air.

So where does this MAMMOTH flight take you I hear you ask? Why it takes you to Manchester! A miserable industrial city in the north of England that has absolutely no appeal to the sane of mind. No tourist attractions, no interesting places to visit and no sun. The perfect family destination. But wait, that's not all, this flight departs from Auckland, New Zealand, we are offering you the perfect opportunity to leave the sunshine and beaches of New Zealand, for Manchester! Value no other airline offers.

Interested? I AM! Fly to Manchester on Tard Air and ruin your life.

Disclaimer #1. This flight does have a scheduled stop in who-knows-where, Siberia. Because even the longest ranged plane in AirwaySim is no match for the sheer scale of this flight.

Disclaimer #2. The Manchester to Auckland flight is 15 minutes shorter but where is the fun in advertising the second longest flight right?


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