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Author Topic: Worst Airplanes for Worst airline.  (Read 27 times)

Online Shaowman

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Worst Airplanes for Worst airline.
« on: November 23, 2022, 10:38:16 PM »
Clear Skies has just completed an order for 190 New SAAB 2000's, while CEO Shaowman wants to scrap the aircraft the companies marketing department stated why not offer these long time obsolete yet niche profitable aircraft to Seven Seas Air

These 16 year old airplanes still have a solid 10 years left in them, but Clear Skies Feels that newer is better.

These are Cheaper and just as inefficient as the newer Russian made AN-140, both can carry 45 pax to 1290NM
                 SAAB-2000                AN-140
PAX            3/54 HD                       52
Range         910NM (1290/45)       1220 (1290/45)
Speed         365kt                         280kt
T.O             1220                         1500
Fuel Burn    900 (690kg/280NM)   680 (886KG/365NM)

Why not fly an older Clear Skies Scrap airplane, it carries more people Faster, off shorter scarier runways and cheaper than even Russian Metal.
Should Seven Seas Air accept such a contract, we'll even supply our used, red flagged parts to be used as replacements.
Surely intermittently working parts are better than completely broken ones! Passengers can even expect every trip to be different.
The possibilities are endless, Short Circuiting in seat TV's that smoke before turning off, Bald Tires ready to pop within the next 10 takeoffs/landings.
We even have some worn out engines that could shred themselves and shoot parts out the back on takeoff, we were about to scrap these after all!

Still not convinced that it's the perfect airplane for the worst airline? Well we've modified the only lav to have a 50/50 chance of flushing or working in reverse and spraying backed up waste at the poor sod who decided to use the "out of order" Lav anyways.  Free entertainment for the rest of the passengers!

Where else can you find a Fast cramped 50+ seat airplane for 6million, we would sell/lease them cheaper if the AWS gods would allow!

This is a serious offer, Contact Clear Skies via DM for delivery before the CEO wins and Scraps perfectly usable old airplanes.
Even an old worn out SAAB could be a perfect match for you!
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