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Author Topic: Sharing experiences about my tests.  (Read 815 times)

Offline Tsuneyoshi

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Sharing experiences about my tests.
« on: May 10, 2022, 02:37:25 AM »
Hello guys!

Became here to share some of my experiences in my actual game.

Number 1: Fly to almost everywhere.
Well, we are ending 70's, right now, we are under a great fuel spike. I'm flying Concorde and B707s. The main point here is; 707/720 are flying everywhere! However, they are flying "every" type of route. So... A 707 is flying DXB to ATL, DOH, NRT, LAX, etc. The bad point of it? Tech Stops are "dangerous" when not well used. I was trying to fly routes about 150 pax with T.S, but, even with no competition, I was not getting full LF, it was about 50-60 pax... That is kinda unfair imo, because there aren't enough wide-body to fly there.
This strategy + fuel spike (very strong) + high fuel burn + bad LF = Loss.

Number 2: One fleet type for everywhere.
As you know, 707/720 are good aircrafts in their ages, 707s are good for long travels and 720s good for shorter routes. However... Under a high fuel spike as we are, 707s are weak against 727, 737 and others. So... the loss has started. Because the mix of routes, just fu... everything, because T.S was killing my profits even when shorter routes were doing well.

Number 3: Achievements
I was trying to get some "harder" achievements like (bad LF, very low C.I and very high aircraft utilization, where I was getting 19.1h, became the number 1 of my G.W for a long time). What a hard challenge!  :o :o

Conclusion: My experiment was a s***!  ;D ;D ;D
It started very well. I never had an airline where my aircrafts were flying for so long time! I'm proud of it, because I literally learned about 7day schedule. I was training about incentive routes and bases. That was a great learning either, because you invest in a route or a base, does not mean exactly that will grow some time later.
Fly just 1 aircraft type can be dangerous! My plan is to change 707s to 757s to keep the same strategy (While A330/340 are not avaiable yet), but my actual results, shows me that it is very very hard to.

That's all! I hope you share some experiences of you! I'm still learning some details about the game, everything is welcome, everything is learnable :)

Thanks and sorry for some "bad" english  :-[

Offline groundbum2

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Re: Sharing experiences about my tests.
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2022, 07:36:06 AM »
good info and kind of you to share it



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