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Author Topic: Another Drunken Incident  (Read 106 times)

Another Drunken Incident
« on: October 12, 2021, 07:21:35 PM »
When one absurdly-continued airplane isn't enough, it appears that the 737-200 will see thirty years in production.   Despite its poor efficiency and low-bypass fans producing enough shrieking noise to kill marine wildlife at distance, someone has decided that the venerable bird must see new frames take to the sky.   

The owner/president of Swiftus Express, after deftly evading his handlers, went on another rant against polluting aircraft still being purchased by various airlines around the world.     "First it was some Norwegian owner of an American airline with their crazy 747SPs. Now some Italian fool puts in an order for 10 birds using JT8Ds."   His face turned a mysterious shade of red and while trembling and foaming at the mouth he continued "Nevermind the Engine Alliance cranking out beautiful fans, these guys blacken our skies and they must be stopped!"   

"I mean, look, his fleet looks like someone changed the name of the airline after their paint jobs were done and then just sprayed some paint over top."   The airline exec noted while showing a livery image of the Italian airline in question. 

Once done with his tirade, Swiftus' glazed eyes appeared even more opaque.  He once again started screaming "Fowl Bird" while flapping his arms fervently.  It was only after the third injection of Klonpin did he finally cease the odd display.     


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