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Author Topic: Air Museum at Monino / Центральный музей​воздушных CCCP  (Read 119 times)

Workers of the world, unite!

Comrade Mikhail Nikolaievitch Tupolev, secretary-general of Slavair's workers directorate, with the support of comrade secretary-general of the USSR communist party and president of the USSR, Леони́д Ильи́ч Бре́жнев (Leonid Ilich Brejnev), in the name of the peoples of the USSR, has announced the creation of the world's biggest air museum to be located at Monino, Moscow. To that end, it has been authorized the spending of ₽450 million rubles ($500 million us dollars) for the purchase of all soviet airplanes ever built, followed by all socialist nations production and, lastly, a single unit of all capitalist nations manufacturers. We further inform that entrance tickets for this museum will be free for all soviet citizens and also socialist/progressive friendly nations throughout the world. Citizens from other nations must apply for a special visit permit using form Б18л. If allowed to visit, entrance tickets start at ₽100 per visitor + ₽250 for non-negotiable compulsory guide.

End of information.

CCCP Москва,28 май 1968 г.
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Offline Cornishman

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Re: Air Museum
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2021, 08:02:34 PM »
Congratulations comrade. I am a capitalist pig and very proud of it and therefore would never dare to stick my hands so deep into my company's cash-register to pay for such a lavish museum.  Please send me one of your expensive tickets (I'll pay you when I get there) I want to be at the grand opening of the museum - 1st in the line to get in, of course !  ;D

Offline Mozhawk

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Although we are friends at the alliance, our comrades from the ticket office will take a thourough look at your application. We will keep in "touch" товарищ.

Offline Cornishman

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Ok, but I advise you and comrade Brezhnev look more carefully at the back of the application paper where I submit advanced knowledge of the latest NASA invention which I happen to have... ahem... found somewhere. It details this amazing new space shuttle that will be able to go into orbit then return like an aircraft to earth. Think of it, it could give you and comrade Antonov a good reason to build some ridiculously enormous six engine giant aircraft just so you could show off something crazy like carrying YOUR new invention on the back of it. Now that would be something worthy of a Museum surely!?  I have more.... erm, "application papers" where that one came from  ;)
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Offline Mozhawk

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Our "services" already are analyzing your application Sir.


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