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Author Topic: Lift infrastructure year cap on airports where slots are sold out  (Read 139 times)

Offline JumboShrimp

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There is a cap on level of infrastructure increases.

When slots are mostly sold out, that upgrade trigger should ignore the year cap, and start infrastructure upgrades.

It will make low slot multiplier games playable - vs. current situation when they are unplayable in popular airports.

Online LemonButt

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Re: Lift infrastructure year cap on airports where slots are sold out
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2020, 07:11:26 PM »
This should work, in theory, with the last update to the infra expansion--that is, the one where infra expands if traffic is significantly higher than infra level.  I think the demand growth based on time will limit how big the traffic/infra can actually grow.

I think the infra/traffic levels achievable is counterintuitive where the existing system makes perfect sense until it is put in practice where the exact opposite makes more sense.  For example, in the early years when flights/airports were much less scarce, catchment areas were bigger because there were less airports/options.  So really the catchment area for traffic level 10 is more realistic for the early years versus the modern times.  This goes back to the concept that I think it's better for ALL airports to have a traffic level 10 catchment area and have "capture rate" scalar that grows and is more continuous versus discrete than the current system.  That scalar should be relative versus absolute--that is if an airport has 100 destinations in the early years they might have an 80% scalar in the early years whereas in the modern times 100 destinations only gets you 20% because 100 destinations makes you the 100th most connected airport instead of being in the top 10.

As it stands today with the current system though, my fear would be airlines consuming all the slots with an infra 10 airport in the 60s or 70s, permanently blocking any new competition for the decades to come.  I think this makes complete sense to allow it to happen--scaling to level 10 regardless of year, but only when CBD for pax is implemented where there is legitimate alternatives for airlines to serve a catchment area without one airport having a monopoly on the demand like we do now with the current static pax demand system.  Today, LHR can be locked up permanently under these conditions whereas if that demand were CBD then it could flow to Gatwick/Luton/etc. making the lack of slots at LHR irrelevant.


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