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Author Topic: Cargo update  (Read 3415 times)

Offline schlaf

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Re: Cargo update
« Reply #20 on: February 06, 2020, 11:07:58 AM »
Schlaf's airline has >$2 500 000 000 in the bank and profits & cargo going strong in both worlds so I can't see this change to be of any major issue?

My opinion against mid game changes have nothing to do with the amount of dollor on my account...

Offline Maxair

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Re: Cargo update
« Reply #21 on: February 08, 2020, 05:55:56 PM »
My apologies since the update is not supposed to 'break' any airlines. However I stand firmly that it is an important and mandatory change for also to these selected game worlds since they have still manymany(many) months to go, and it fixed the essential airport overlap issue and is otherwise also much 'better' and is now the true working city based demand (with the side effect of a lot more cargo to fly in the global scale!). I won't go with the idea of not changing anything at all for a game that runs for 12+ months - that would be badly managed since some bugs need fixing. But major feature changes are made only to new games (such as introduction of a new passenger demand model for example which would completely change every route for every airline on every country), and for any "mid level changes" that are absolutely necessary the proper testing and care is taken to minimize the negative aspects.

As noted, for MaxAir the ISP base is problematic since it overlaps the major cities in the area, so that is surely a downside here. But apparently not a deadly one since when looking at the total revenues of that airline on quarterly basis I see only one quarter dipping whichafter the operations have recovered and grown since. I don't know how much restructuring or expansion has been done but the airline has been profitable continuously on every quarter I can see, and has $600mil in the bank. The idea of starting at a smaller airport is exactly what I'm a fan of. The NYC area is probably just the hardest one since it has so many large airports in the area. But looking at your airline, I wouldn't say the ISP base is doomed .. It naturally can't be a huge center but good for low-cost regional operations (flying the same cargo from JFK is a lot more expensive for the competitor).

Schlaf's airline has >$2 500 000 000 in the bank and profits & cargo going strong in both worlds so I can't see this change to be of any major issue? The changes to cargo there come from the two bases at the same city in Japan probably?

Air cargo in 1986 is still generally a relatively small business. The real boom starts more in the late 1990s/2000s with growth of China and other developing markets. So there is still A LOT of time and lot of new areas which will grow and will be discovered. CBD system is fun that countries such as China are very tiny markets in the 1960s but are huge in the 2020 since their economy growth is modelled into the system. Same for Dubai for example.

Sami the reason my numbers have stayed relatively even is because ive expanded operations in MIA to make up for the losses im suffering in ISP. All of my cargo routes i started with there are now useless. I was filling a 727-200F ISP-LGB and had leftovers i couldnt haul. Now the total cargo demand is 1500!!!! Yes cargo has gone up across the board which has allowed me to make up for those losses in my other base but as far as my home base is concerned it is completely useless. Which in the long term seriously affects my ability to expand due to the number of aircraft outside the home base rule. Please take a look at all my routes out of ISP and you’ll see what im saying. Im not just complaining for no reason.


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