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Author Topic: [ok] Full House achievement - one bug, one exploit  (Read 161 times)

Offline sanabas

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[ok] Full House achievement - one bug, one exploit
« on: January 18, 2020, 01:05:17 AM »
HaF GW, airline 'A pox on pax'.

I started as a purely cargo airline, was up to ~100 scheduled planes and over 12 months old, and then started flying pax.

I scheduled my only pax plane, which with 0 RI had LFs of ~30% on the single big route I put it on. The very next time I logged in, I received the achievement 'empty planes, level 1' which requires a minimum of 30? planes or whatever it is. So it is clearly counting cargo only planes as part of that minimum. Which is not a problem, but does suggest a little exploit...

If it works for empty planes, it should also work for full plane achievements. So I tested. Grabbed a piper, put in 6 std Y seats. Put it on TPE-KHH and 2 other 400 pax domestic routes. Day 1 it only sold 3 seats due to 0 RI. So I left things to run for a bit with a couple of 727s and the piper until RI hit ~40 and the piper sold all 6 seats every day. I then removed the 727s, so my airline was flying ~100 freighters and a single full piper. Let it run like that for 6 weeks, to make sure I'd have 100% for the past 30 days. Once stats had refreshed and showed me with 100% LF, I left it another game week, and then put the 727s back.

when I logged in again, I got the full house achieve level 1, but not 2 or 3. A RL day or so later, I logged in again and received full house level 2. So a bit of an exploit there, but not too bad, as making an airline to get full house or aircraft age achieves requires a specific, less optimal setup anyway. Nobody's getting those in the course of normal operations.

And the bug is that I never received full house level 3, despite running 100% LFs for over 6 game weeks and qualifying using the same criteria as full house 1 & 2.

What I think happened is either a fluke of timing, or the game simply wasn't checking my past 30 day LF for achieves even when it checked it for the stats. The full house level 1 wasn't triggering, even a week after the stats showing 100%, so I thought maybe the exploit exists for empty planes but not full, and put 727s back. I switched worlds for 15 minutes, came back, and that's when I received full house level 1. So I think maybe it only checked because I changed my schedule? Or, as I said, it was a fluke of timing that the 30 minute window I put a 727 back just happened to be the same 30 minute window the achievement check was done. Because after 1 day of the 727, my past 30 day LF from my routes screen was 98.3%. Which qualifies for level 1 & 2 but not 3.

I also don't know why it gave me full house level 1 immediately, but only gave me level 2 some 24 real hours later.

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Offline sanabas

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Re: Full House achievement - one bug, one exploit
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2020, 01:08:47 AM »
and my pax history. you can see where I went from 30k/week pax down to 200 pax/week for 6 full weeks + a partial week on either end. I switched to Piper only early in week 34, and added 727s again late in week 41. For those 7 weeks I had 100% LFs.


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