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Author Topic: [-] Remove size classes  (Read 441 times)

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[-] Remove size classes
« on: November 21, 2019, 10:54:11 AM »
I know, it sounds drastic, but the impact of size-classes probably has more impact on type selection than anything else.

Flight-Crew- and Cabin-Crew-needs (and probably also for other personnel groups) are determined by (what appears to be) three factors:
Aircraft-Size Class, MTOW and of course the actual crew needed. The personnel need is of course not the only factor, but is multiplied by personnel costs.
These are about factor 1.0 / 1.3 / 2.3 / 3.1 for the size classes. Now, if an aircraft is considered "medium", not only does one need more crew but also each crew costs more.

So you have a plane like the 11t BAE Jetstream 41, and you have the 12t S340. These are (in new GWs) in classes small and medium respectively. Meaning: if your pilot flies an EMB, you pay them 33% more because the plane has 8% higher MTOW! It gets more grave with the medium-large fleet type: the E-Jet compared to the A220. The first has a MTOW of 61t. The second an MTOW of 63t. But the second needs more pilots and those are almost twice as expensive!

Proposal: for HR needs, the staff level should orient itself according to the aircraft's usage. for salary level, this should be according to the MTOW of the plane/fleet type.

Combis in VL aircraft can fly all cargo, as can VL freighters. Large freighter aircraft can fly heavy cargo. Medium freighters can fly only medium cargo... etc.
That is of course nice, because it enables us to think in just three different cargo categories, Hvy, Std, Light. But actually only two: Hvy and the rest that is anyway flying in the belly of the pax-aircraft and not worth much thought but to check the "fly cargo and pax" radiobutton when creating a pax-route.

Now it gets difficult when reality is being considered. But it does start to be weird when the same fuselage 727-100C and 707-320CF have different capabilities.

Proposal: i have no clue really, but maybe actual volume/diameter would be better suited rather than the size-class.
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