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Author Topic: Combi aircraft and other newbie questions  (Read 423 times)

Offline cdavis188

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Combi aircraft and other newbie questions
« on: October 09, 2019, 03:05:25 PM »
Hello all,

First of all, just a brief introduction. I'm new to both this game world and AirwaySim itself, and I really like it so far. I come from multiple years of playing Airline Empires, and I started playing this for something more challenging. Now to the question:

I recently started at Los Angeles Ontario (KONT) and noticed a few things that have me scratching my head. I have 2 DC-8's and 2 Fokker turboprops in my fleet right now. My first question is that is it normal to have LF's as low as 10-15% on routes? I dropped the price when I opened said routes and made sure there was enough demand but I don't know if I need to drop the price more or just wait for the route to be operating for a while.

The second thing is I have one route, ONT-OAK, that I have both a DC-8 and an F-27 operating on. However the F-27 always has an >90% LF while the DC-8's is much lower. Why is this? The DC-8 is much more convenient for pax on paper. So why do they choose to ride on the equivalent of a flying washing machine instead?

My final question is with the overall demand at ONT. I knew that starting here demand would be lower because of its smaller size and proximity to LAX, but they were lower than what I thought they would be. Predicted demand of around 50 pax to all but the most busiest of airports seem to be the norm. But would combi aircraft be wise to invest in this situation? There are numerous TCON destinations that can't support a normal DC-8, but can support a combi one. Would it be worth getting combis for such routes? Or will I pay more for fuel then I'll get back in ticket sales? The vast majority of said routes have no other airlines operating them.


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Offline schro

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Re: Combi aircraft and other newbie questions
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2019, 05:15:27 PM »
Hi2u and welcome!

So, there's a few variables in play that you're looking at.

1. As a general rule, the DC-8 is not a great aircraft to use on Domestic US routes especially once 2/3 engine jets that can do transcons are available.
2. Load factor is a calculated value based upon number of seats sold vs number of seats offered, and passengers will typically self-distribute fairly equally across a day of flights (i.e. if you sell 100 tickets and have room on each flight, you'll get 50 on each).
3. Ticket sales depend upon RI (Route Image) to a large extent. When RI = 0, then you'll be able to sell at most 20-30% of the passenger demand displayed. This scales somewhat linearly up to RI = 100 where you can sell 100% of the passenger demand displayed.
4. Let's assume RI = 100 and you have competition and most things are equal. If you supply 2 flights and 200 seats on a route with 200 demand and your competitor does as well, you'll each only sell 100 seats.
5. Combi DC8s could be interesting due to the ability to carry heavy cargo, but you've also likely got a lot of LAX competition that will make it difficult to draw cargo demand from there (as it is city based rather than airport based as passengers are). However, if you can find transcon routes to places that you can fill the combi portion of a DC8, it might just work.


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