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Author Topic: [-] Make sales prices by AI brokers less random  (Read 252 times)

Offline DanDan

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[-] Make sales prices by AI brokers less random
« on: September 12, 2019, 01:36:50 PM »
User Story:
When I want to buy aircraft, the prices for those sold by AI brokers are not in any relation to the price of new aircraft, but usually much cheaper.

AI brokers sell aircraft at "sales price = aircraft value x random factor", sometimes far below the actual value, sometimes ridiculously overpriced. Bargains get pulled off the market, the pricy ones just remain there for ages. This is first of all unrealistic, and secondly also annoying to anyone trading in aircraft or trying to purchase aircraft.

Most of all though, the system favours those who can regularly check the used market (frequent gamers), since the used market-aircraft are much cheaper in general (about 17%) than a comparable aircraft from the production line.

1) The "recommended price", for aircraft (at age 0) should be the same as the price for a new one
    For out of production models: last production price + inflation.
    When aged, the recommended price should be accordingly reduced.

2) Minimum and maximum (alliance) price should possibly remain in the same ballpark as they are now.

3) The AI brokers should use a new system for determining prices:
When an airplane is placed on the used market, the system of a dutch auction should be used.
Meaning: the initial price should be high and shall be reduced with time constantly until a customer is found.

Regarding the initial price:
First 5 years in a GW: the recommended price (therefore, value of an aircraft that corresponds to the price of an aircraft from the production line, devalued for age)
After starting phase: maximum (alliance) price

Constantly decreasing prices:
Each game day, the price should be reduced by e.g. 1%.

Aircraft X500 is offered by the manufacturer at a price of 100M per piece.
Currently, a new aircraft of the type on the used market has a recommended price of ~70M. >>> that should be at 100M instead.
Min/Max (A)Price should probably stay as they are, but recommended price should always remain between those two.

Now if AI places a brandnew X500 on the used market, the plane should be at max AP (except for starting phase) on the market. Lets assume 120M.
One day later, if noone buys, the price should be down at 118,2. The next day 117. The day after that 115,8... so if you are a greedy CEO, you will wait a bit - but dont wait too long, someone may grab it off the market!
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Offline Sami

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Re: Make sales prices by AI brokers less random
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2019, 01:50:54 PM »
Prices of used aircraft in the market are not that random. There is a formula for that which includes the aircraft specs (model, weight, engines, upgrades), age, condition, and possible requirement for AI-perfomed heavy C/D checks. The price goes down if the aircraft has been unsuccesfully listed to the used market many times and has not been sold. Price of the similar new aircraft is not factor (not supposed to be either), and neither is the number of other similar planes on the used market.

There is a random component involved to create some variation but definitely not just a simple "value x random" like you suggest.

There are no changes planned to this section of the system at this time.
« Last Edit: September 14, 2019, 01:53:20 PM by Sami »


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