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AirwaySim is at Discord - Join us!

Started by Sami, August 01, 2019, 01:35:46 PM


AirwaySim's official Discord chat server has been opened.

Join the community at

The server is opened on trial basis and we'll see how popular and useful it is after a few months.

Discord is not replacing our forums as the primary means of communication, but the AWS Discord server will serve as an additional place to share thoughts and information. (Forums are preferred way of communication since the messages are stored there and viewable by other members who are seeking for help and information later on.)

Please take a look at the #rules channel on the server when you join. We shall follow the same guidelines in the Discord as in the public forums.

Please also remember that even though AWS admin will be present at Discord, all contacts related to your user account or billing related matters are done via our "contact us" page (a.k.a. support ticket system), and all game issue reports (bug reports) shall be still posted to the forums.

The Discord app works with desktop and mobile platforms, or just via web browser.


(p.s. Ideas and feedback are welcome as I'm not that familiar with the system. I see that bots are available and we can possibly assign them to feed game world information to the system in a similar manner what we do in Twitter also)


A month has passed since the opening of the channel. What are your thoughts?


Great place to hang out and chat with other players outside your usual alliance circle, good for getting answers to potentially otherwise obscure questions.

Also good for having another interface for discussions with you Sami!


This thread should be pinned to the top of the announcements forum.


The AirwaySim Discord server has been modified into a "Community Server", which gives us some more tools and data. Some settings have been also modified, and for example a valid/verified e-mail is now required to join this server (Discord's own requirement).

Join the community at


I've finally joined discord, but I can't find the AWS server. Can someone send me a link please?


The link is literally in the previous post before yours ;D