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Author Topic: [ok] Payload limitation w/ techie: wrongly displaying the lightest limitation  (Read 576 times)

Offline Tha_Ape

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I was transferring some routes from 757PF to A321-200F.

For the outbound leg, the shown payload limitation is the toughest one (as it should), ie from Shaik Zayed to Verona (2955nm).

For the inbound leg however, the limitation that is displayed is the one from Shaik Zayed to SIN, ie the limitation on the shortest sub-leg (2522nm), as I was able to check by fake-creating a SIN-RYK route, thus making the player believe that he can handle 25.000kg, while irl he can only take 20.000kg.

Edit: I did create a route to check the figures, and I'm definitely right, both legs carry around 20.000kg of cargo.
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Offline Tha_Ape

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Same on other routes, see pic below.

The only difference is that the 1st sub-leg (SIN to tech-stop) being the longest one (opposite to the previous example), the display issue is reversed compared to the other example.

Offline Tha_Ape

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Sami, any update on this one? It's quite painful to manually check the payload limitation on the shortest leg of a tech-stopped route when scheduling, especially when using asymmetrical tech-stops.


Offline Tha_Ape

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Hello Sami,

any news on this one?

I'm not playing any scenario currently in its early days like Airline Generation or History and the Future, however given the ultra-frequent need for tech-stops in these eras, I assume this bug could be a much bigger problem than it is to me in The Age of Flight.

(gee... these new names... :,( :laugh:)

Offline Sami

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Calculations were correct, just a display issue, fixed

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