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Author Topic: [-] A easy, logical improvement to commonality system  (Read 476 times)

Offline tititaka

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[-] A easy, logical improvement to commonality system
« on: July 16, 2019, 05:29:36 AM »
Why commonality penalty in the first place?

The commonality in game is rather different from RL. Its main purpose is to:

1) forcing fleet choices
2) prevent major players from infinite expansion


While the main purposes have been served, there are mainly two issues:

1) Making transition difficult
2) Adding 1 extra planes causing billions of cost on existing fleet does not seem logical at all and it confuses new player

Proposed solution

Step 1:
For each fleet group, we calculate the total maintenance cost. This total cost serves as the base.

Fleet A: 100 frames, $20,000 each = 2M
Fleet B: 20 frames, $40,000 each = 800K
Fleet C: 200 frame, $15,000 each = 3M

Step 2:
Rank the fleets in descending order and let's call them 1st, 2nd, 3rd fleet respectively

Fleet C > Fleet A > Fleet B
Fleet C->1st fleet
Fleet A->2nd fleet
Fleet B->3rd fleet

3) Assign a commonality penalty to each fleet only!

For example, current commonality penalty can be modeled as:

1st fleet penalty -> 0%
2nd fleet penalty -> 0%
3rd fleet penalty -> 100% < total 75 frames or -> 0% when else
4th fleet penalty -> 1000% > total 100 frames or 200% when less

(All those rules and numbers are just for illustration, more sophiscated rules can be designed)

If we are adding 4th fleet to above example, say Fleet D with $50,000 per frame
Each frames will cost $500,000 maintenance instead after penalty is applied.
Comparing to the old method, the start of transition will hurt less but still hurt enough to force the player to finish conversion fast.

Why is this solution good?

1) while there are other cool and logical ideas around like commonality points or retiring fleet, this method is very easy to implement
2) still preserve the purpose of commonality system
3) helps better fleet transition
4) providing flexibility to reward players to use even less fleet ( maybe give a small penalty even to 2nd or 3rd fleet? like 10% or 40%?)

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