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Author Topic: [-] Winds-aloft/range miscalculation (or just mis-display)?  (Read 224 times)

Offline knobbygb

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Sorry I'm not sure if there's a specific thread for issues with the new wind system but I couldn't find anything.

I just noticed than on an ultra-long route, the capacity of the aircraft doesn't seem to behave as it should - there seems to be an inconsistency in how the payload/range is being calculated.

This is a tech-stop route from Japan to Canada (HND-KSM-YYZ). None of the four legs are approaching the a/c maximum range but I noticed there is ZERO cargo uplift on the return leg.  The main part of the route information screen indicates that indeed, the a/c is limited in both directions but LESS so on the return. The limit seems to be 129 pax outbound and 132 pax return (the aircraft is configured with 107 seats btw.) But on hovering on the '?' to get detailed information, the system NOW says the flight is limited to 107 pax on the return. (I think the two numbers being 107 is a coincidence - If I limit the flight to 106 seats then cargo does begin to be carried).

Indeed, there is an average headwind on both return legs (and a tailwind outbound), so it seems that the main route information screen is displaying invalid information somehow.

(as an aside, can I say I was very confused for a LONG time that a +19kt wind component is actually a tailwind and -17kt is a headwind.  As a pilot that just seems illogical to me.)
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Offline Sami

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Re: Winds-aloft/range miscalculation (or just mis-display)?
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 02:55:36 PM »
WB449, HND-KSM-YYZ with Britannia 302.

Payload limitation leg outbound: 12329kg and backward: 10200kg. Both are below the aircraft capacity (approx 10000kg) so it shows as "no limitation" in the route editor.

On the way there the total cargo capacity is 2160kg (with the allocation you have), so pax payload for the 107 pax is 95kg per pax, totalling 10169kg. On the way back the payload limit in total is 10200 so there is only capacity for 31kg of cargo. And that is below the smallest amount that can be transported (100kg @ CL). So calculations appear to be correct and no cargo is indeed transported.

(The interface isn't very clear on this)


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