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Author Topic: [-] TRIANGULAR FLIGHTS  (Read 308 times)

Offline Siangchulee

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« on: May 29, 2019, 10:08:41 AM »
I’ve waited so long for this to be effected i remember 2 years back it was in the pipeline. Any feedback on the same?

The proposal was HQ call it A,  has  a demand of 50pax to B and  a demand of 50pac to C. One could arrange a flight to C via B carrying all the 100pax in one aircraft, no rights to be allowed between B and C obviously to safeguard the local airline.  The return flight could be from B to A through C, that way atleast we save you on thr coding and with low loads it makes sense. An example

Nairobi to Harare 50pax
Nairobi to Lusaka 50pax
Lusaka to Nairobi 50pax
Harare to Nairobi 50pax

Say Flight number QQ1001 departs Nairobi to Harare via lusaka. On board 100pax, 50 get off at Lusaka, then the 50 to Nairobi board, effectively flight QQ1001 now leaves for Harare with 100 on board gets to Harare then drops the 50pax from nairobi and picks the 50pax to Nairobi.  Getting to nairobi with 100pax..
Also Route image to be scored separately that way if demand rises one can schedule two aircrafts to the destinations. No need to complicated the seat ratio, we can start by defaulting it to 50/50 across all classes.

This will enable most of the regional players get bigger jets and maximize on their current regional crafts. Also since there is no hope of Africa’s database being updated to atleast give realistic numbers of the pax demands this would make us start up african airlines out of the major 3, Johanesburg/Cairo/Algiers
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Offline Sami

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« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2019, 10:13:39 AM »
Please do a search before posting. (Duplicate thread.)

(also not sure where you got the impression that such feature would be in the plans? Since we used to have this, but was replaced by the base airports feature many years ago ... However it has not been totally buried and might be re-introduced in the future for example to domestic sectors)
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