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Author Topic: [-] Suggestion for 'anti-strike scale' in AWS to check on working conditions  (Read 728 times)

Offline EmilyHampstead

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If you've suffered at least one staff strike in-game before, you're not the only one, as others may have, too. I don't think they (the airlines who've suffered from one or more staff strikes in-game) even monitored on any type of scale, so we'll need to monitor on a new scale to check whether a staff strike's imminent in-game. The in-game 'anti-strike scale' (which could affect the operations of a GW player's airline) should go as follows:

  • L3 (best working conditions - staff strike impossible) (if risk of a strike at or below 10%)
  • L2 (great working conditions - staff strike nearly impossible) (if risk of a strike at or below 20%)
  • L1 (good working conditions - staff strike rare to occur) (if risk of a strike at or below 30%)
  • M (nice working conditions - halfway to staff strike) (if risk of a strike at or below 50%)
  • H1 (bad working conditions - staff strike common to occur) (if risk of a strike at or below 70%)
  • H2 (worse working conditions - major staff strike imminent) (if risk of a strike at or below 85%)
  • H3 (worst working conditions - start of major staff strike) (if risk of a strike at or below 100%)

-Emily (age 15)
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Offline Tha_Ape

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The person who likes this post:
Air France has globally rather nice working conditions. Deteriorating, but still nice compared to other, more recent carriers. But we're in France, so strike happens :)

Offline wilian.souza2

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Everyone who sets auto payraises is free from suffering strikes. If don't, by default the game also informs you by email if your airline is in a imminent risk of strike, which dissipates immediately upon raising salaries to the figures they desire. So there's no need to change this issue (although random strikes on very large, profitable airlines can be fun!  :D)

Offline Sami

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The combination of employee morale and salary requests is basically the same thing. No changes planned.


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