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Author Topic: Suggestions  (Read 580 times)

Offline vistaair

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« on: March 28, 2019, 11:10:12 PM »
I'm quite new around here and am just beginning to figure out key strategies in this game.
I have two proposals to put forth. One, an Essential Air Service, and the other, connecting flights.

While I've been figuring things out, I've noticed that aircraft with less than 19 seats struggle, a lot. And although this is somewhat true in real life, such as in the case of Great Lakes Airlines, the Essential Air Service exists to provide vital links for communities who could never survive without routes by air. At the moment in the game, however, it is near impossible to operate on a business model shaped around small commuter routes.
An EAS or similar federal subsidy for select routes, would, in my opinion, would revolutionize this game, which currently seems based on long-haul domination. I propose (to whomever it may concern) a system for a federal subsidy in which select routes, such as those currently held by airlines such as Boutique Air, Cape Air, Ravn, or Southern Airways Express, would be available for airlines to fill. A bidding system would be implemented to work this system out. Any airlines interested would select an aircraft type in their fleet to operate the route. After a review of all bids, a game moderator would select an aircraft best suited to fill the route. A sum of money, specific to the route, would be supplied to the airline to provide the service and lower expenses. This would offset the sky-high maintenance costs of these small aircraft and make the route possible.
Areas of interest for this proposal to impact would include:
-The Mid-North, such as those served by Cape Air: Billings, Havre, Glasgow, Wolf Point, Sidney, and Glendive. Additionally, those once served by Mesaba: Thief River Falls, International Falls, Aberdeen, Rhinelander, Hancock, Escanaba, Kalamazoo, etc.
-Alaska, such as routes served by Ravn: Galena, Unalakleet, Kaktovik, St. Mary's, Aniak, Kotzebue, etc.
-New England, such as routes served by Cape Air: Bar Harbor, Nantucket, Hyannis, Provincetown, Rutland, Lebanon, Ogdensburg, etc.
-The Southwest, such as routes served by Boutique Air and historically by America West Express: Taos, Los Alamos, Silver City, Imperial, Show Low, Clovis, Carlsbad, Prescott, Page, Farmington, Sierra Vista, Gallup, etc.

My second proposal would upturn the game. It might literally break it. Allowing passengers and flights to connect across an airline and its alliance would be unbelievable. Imagine this:
A passenger boards a subsidized commuter flight in Wolf Point, stops in Sidney, and Glendive, and arrives in Billings, and connects on to a medium-sized jet bound for Los Angeles. From there, they board a flight on an airline within the same alliance and arrive in Mexico City.
This concept needs to be broken down.
Firstly, connecting flights with multiple stops. This would make some subsidized flights more feasible. Such as those operated by United, from Honolulu to Guam along the island hopper, or Ravn, from Kotzebue to Barrow along the Northwestern Alaskan coastline, the game would allow flights to have intermediate stops not simply to refuel. An exchange of passengers would occur at each stop, allowing passengers to board or disembark at any stop. This power would have to be very controlled and only be permitted by game moderators. This would only really be possible through small mainland US airports with tiny connections across small distances, using equally small aircraft, or larger, but much more infrequent aircraft, hopping tiny islands dependent on air service in the far Pacific.
Secondly, connections within alliances. This is a real thing, and the game needs it. This would increase competition in larger markets and allow a more realistic domestic and regional operation for all airlines. It would also encourage airlines to join alliances, for the benefits would be exponential.

Connectivity. That's what this game needs. What makes air travel what it is today and has been since its birth, is connectivity. Getting passengers to their destinations faster and more efficiently is what airlines strive for. I know these ideas may be incredibly difficult to program into the game, but they are needed. Airlines would survive longer. Regional markets would become bustling centers of activity. Huge hubs like Los Angeles would be fiercely competitive, keeping the game exciting and motivating.
Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope these proposals are recognized for their significance. Any feedback is amazing. Have a great day.

Offline Zobelle

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Re: Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2019, 12:07:03 AM »
I’ve suggested in the past that airports below a certain size and passenger level be allowed to embark and disembark pax as well as returns to any owned base (vs just originating base)


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