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Author Topic: [ok] Cant search/filter manage routes for fleet group which hasnt been delivered  (Read 192 times)

Offline Mort

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Broadly speaking, the issue is in the title.

I have pre-created several sets of schedules for a B777 fleet (of which I currently have none) - I found myself wanting to double check something at a later date, so I went to manage routes and could not easily locate the routes I had created using the search or filters.

If I type in "A332" or "B752" for example (both fleets I already have in operation) it returns a list of routes for both types of aircraft, however if I type in "B777" nothing is returned. In a similar vein, "B777" is not in the fleet group dropdown so I cannot filter them that way.

I would suggest a slight change in logic for both the search and filters that also accounts for any routes created for a fleet group which isn't currently in operation to assist with finding such routes.

NB I double checked the routes were actually created by manually browsing through to the later pages in a completely unfiltered results set, and sure enough they were listed (with "B777" in the aircraft column).
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Offline Sami

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Only for keyword search? Does it appear in the fleet list dropdown?

Offline schro

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B777 isn't a short aircraft code that's used anywhere - I think it defaults to B772 if there's no plane. What does a search on B772 return? You can also work around this by going to the Notification View (routes without plane assignments/slots) and then sort on plane type to find the droid you're looking for...

Sami - the issue here is he's keyword searching routes for an airplane short code when it is not assigned to a plane. He's trying to use a generic shortcode to pull up those schedules...

Online Cardinal

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Not an answer to your question, but a tip about wading through unfiltered results:

If you're looking for routes you've pre-created that have no aircraft assigned and/or no slots, on the Manage Routes page click "Notification View" (with no other filters selected). This will give you only those routes, filtering out any route that's actually flying.

Offline Sami

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Indeed, so not a bug. For example "B757" does not work since there is no such plane with such designator..  Same for B777.

Offline Mort

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As you can clearly see in the photo above, an example of a route created for the 777 fleet group, one of which has been assigned, and one which hasn't. The one which hasn't been assigned shows a designator of "B777".

If "B77FF" works for an unassigned route, surely "B777" should work for an unassigned route (which is what is displayed)?

Interestingly, if I type in "B77FF", no routes are returned, but if I type in "B77F" (one F only), it returns a list of assigned routes.

Another anomaly, "A332" returns routes, but "332F" and "A332F" do not. "B752" returns routes (as does "757" and "752"), but "752F" and "B752F" do not.

So I would again suggest there is a bug here, the values that are shown under aircraft can't be used to filter by.

Edit: You've also all totally ignored the part of my post regarding the fleet type dropdown - perhaps that would be a feature request though? Example to re-demonstrate the issue below:

I have pre-created a route for the B737-700F, but none have yet been delivered. The fleet is not in the dropdown despite routs being created.
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