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Author Topic: Cargo vs Pax  (Read 1498 times)

Offline Talentz

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Re: Cargo vs Pax
« Reply #20 on: August 18, 2018, 03:48:24 PM »
My competitor in Hong Kong "CattleCar" hasn't flown a single passenger plane ever and yet he's doing pretty damn well if you ask me. Pure cargo may be a slow start but he's consistently like in number 1 in GW now for margin and profits every quarter. Well done I say.

He started as a cargo-only airline at the start of the GW? Pretty impressive then.

Co-founder and Managing member of: The Star Alliance Groupô - A beta era, multi-brand alliance.

Offline stealy

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Re: Cargo vs Pax
« Reply #21 on: August 18, 2018, 08:15:06 PM »
He started as a cargo-only airline at the start of the GW? Pretty impressive then.


He started in 1998.

It's really not as hard as you might think. He's based in one of the best airports for cargo - Hong Kong. His first two routes have 100 (or 90?) RI, so the demand shifts to him immediately if there's not already actual demand. Easy money and easy start. Then came 911, which had zero effects on him since he doesn't fly passenger routes. His planes were only grounded for a few days like everyone else. He saved a lot of expenses that a passenger airline would need... like thousands of cabin crew. Airlines in Hong Kong also don't have the ability to open a base anywhere else. That means his only competitor is Catai Asia and no wealthy/established airline can open a base there to "attack" him unlike in the US and EU.

While everybody was busy dealing with competitions in the US and Europe, going through fleet renewal, and all that fun stuff, he was building his cargo empire in Hong Kong with barely any obstacles.

That is not to say his airline isn't good. He picked the right airport, planned extremely well, and did exactly what was best for his airline.

I do want some of that juicy profit tho...  :-[

Offline raptorva

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Re: Cargo vs Pax
« Reply #22 on: August 19, 2018, 01:15:24 AM »
Yeah HK is the perfect place for him to be based. I fly a decent amount of cargo myself too but my main focus is on the traditional passenger ops. Less lucrative but I personally find passenger planes more interesting than cargo planes.

That said, cargo at least gave me reason to keep using my beloved 747 after I phased them out from passenger ops.

Offline Mort

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Re: Cargo vs Pax
« Reply #23 on: September 06, 2018, 03:50:52 PM »
His first two routes have 100 (or 90?) RI

I thought that mechanic only came in if you started after the game world start? (Unless I misunderstood and this did in fact happen)

As good as someone does in cargo, the airline score never seems to reflect that. Maybe its too dependent on number of pax carried and needs a bit of retuning now that cargo is relevant?

I'm running a quite small (<100 planes) cargo only airline in GW3 for a bit of fun and to experiment, and the score does seem to quite heavily penalize you for being permanently in 'last' place on pax transported.

Backed up by another recent experiment in one of the beginner worlds where I started off as cargo only, and despite scoring well in other areas, was obviously last in pax transported and this was reflected in overall airline score. A few years into the game, I started adding pax and I noticed a quite dramatic climb in airline score as I rose in pax transported ranks past the slower growers and the 'dead weight'.

Perhaps a very simple modification would be to check if pax transported is 0, and then remove that part of the scoring calculation?


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