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Author Topic: Change the way displayed range is presented / calculated / give more info  (Read 201 times)

Offline Tha_Ape

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Yesterday, there was a good implementation with the addition of cargo volume aside cargo payload capacity.
However, there are still some issues with the current system about payload/range. I think we should go further down this road.

As Warren stated, typically:
 - freighters have a lame displayed range
 - pax variants have a medium displayed range
 - combis have an incredibly high range

This because:
 - freighters' range is shown at max payload
 - pax variants' range is shown at max pax payload
 - combis' range is shown at max pax payload (no cargo - on a combi...)

This means that:
 - freighters seems short-legged when they're not necessarily so
 - players tend to use their pax planes at max range, forgetting about the importance of cargo as complementary income
 - combis lure players as their useful range is usually around half or 2/3 of their displayed range (because they ignore cargo)

Ok, we got the raw data so we can check to avoid mistakes, but the current system is nonetheless suggesting mistakes because of different calculations.

Two possibilities
But no matter what, the calculation should be standardized for all plane categories.

1°) Show only max payload range. Displayed ranges will take a hit, but at least we got the same calculation all over. Moreover, it shows the range within which the plane is likely to make the most money it can. Then the player would look at the payload/range graph to get the precise data and check if that plane interests him or not.

2°) Show a range of ranges. That is, the 2 values within which one would consider the plane at its max useful range. The lower on is usually the max payload range, and the higher one the point at which the capacity drops rapidly. That would do something like 1850-2800nm for the A320-200, or 2000-2700nm for the 733 w/ 3B2 +0.5 mtow.
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